Head lice




 I am concerned about head lice at school, what should I know?

MPS students must be free of head lice.  It is important for parents to routinely check their children's hair for lice.  Lice are small insects about the size of sesame seeds.  Nits are tiny yellowish-white oval eggs attached to the hair.  Nits don't come off easily like dandruff or lint.

Lice do not jump hop or fly.  They are transmitted via head-to-head contact, and personal articles such as hats, combs, and pillows. Please remind your children not to share such things with others.

When head lice are identified at school, the health office notifies parents of affected students and provides information on treatment of the hair and the household. Students may not return to school until treatment has commenced and the student is free of symptoms.

Please click link below to refer to Health Services Treatment & Guidelines

step by step combing instructions

Home management of head lice

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 American Academy of Pediatrics Guidance on Treating Head Lice