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Parent Consent for Giving Medication at School- - Form (click on link)

Parent Consent for Student to Carry Inhaler- Form (click on link)

Tylenol:  Tylenol is the only medication that can be given at school without a signed consent.  If  you gave permission on your childs registration form it can be given per discretion of the health office.

Ibuprofen:  Ibuprofen, often known as, Advil, or Motrin, is not recommended for children under the age of 12.  If your child needs to have this medication during the school day for a specific injury or medical condition you must have your doctor write a note including the dosage to be given and length of time.  You must also provide the medication in the original container from the store and sign a consent form (which you can print out from the link above or obtain from the health office.)

Thank you for your cooperation with these medication procedures. Our intent is to insure safety and good health for your child.

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