Classroom Placement Form

Dear Falcon Hill Families,


The process of planning classrooms involves many hours. Together teachers and I work to create classrooms that are academically and socially well balanced. The placement of your child for next year is a very important decision. While I consider parent input in placement important, I also believe that there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration when placing our students into next year’s classes. As professionals in education, we will consider children as we know them in the academic, social and school setting when we place them with a community of learners.

I would like to share with you our plan for the placement process.

1. Each teacher spends a great deal of time preparing information about your child to be considered for placement. After all, they have spent a great deal of time with them as students and know how they learn the best! A placement card will be created for each child with information about learning strengths, areas where they may need more support, preferences, compatible classmates, special needs and the best learning climate.

2. Members of grade level teams and I meet together with the placement cards to build balanced classrooms. The first consideration for placement is what is right for each individual child.

  • Some factors that are considered are: student profile, teacher recommendations, parent recommendations, group dynamics, academic balance, equitable class size, distribution of boys and girls and special programs. Balanced classrooms are built to ensure success of all students.

3. Lists will be reviewed with the principal and the team.

4. Class lists will be put aside and reviewed again as new students enroll and when staff is finalized.

5. Final Review will be made and next year’s placement will be available on the parent portal no later than July 31st.

As you can see, placement of students at Falcon Hill is taken very seriously. It benefits everyone in our school community to ensure the best possible placement of students with teachers.

After reviewing our process, if you wish to provide input regarding the best type of environment for your child please complete the input form located on our website by May 16, 2018.


Dr. Lisa McCray Cannon


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Classroom Placement Form