Mr. Luis De La Torre

Phone: (480) 472-8631



Welcome students, parents, and guardians!  My name is Mr. De La Torre and I am your child’s new 6th grade teacher.

My educational/teaching background and qualifications include thirteen years as an elementary school teacher, three years of administrative and student support with Arizona State University and five years of academic counseling with the University of PhoenixI have a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, a Masters degree in Business Administration, and a Masters degree in Education. 


The reason I have chosen to shift my focus in education to elementary rather than adult education is simple: our children are our future leaders.  All children have the capacity to be successful in the classroom as long as they are encouraged and given the opportunity to discover their full potential in a nurturing and caring environment.


Between your support and my continuous support, involvement, participation, and encouragement in your child’s education, your child will not only learn in my classroom but hopefully will enjoy doing it.


The best teachers influence their students more in their personal and individual interaction with them than in strict classroom situations.  I plan to spend time with your child one on one in the classroom and will give your child the individualized attention he/she needs.  I will inspire curiosity and encourage in my students a love of learning.


Students in my classroom will focus on group and inquiry based learning through Projec Based Learning, or PBL.  Daily participation, self-reliance, and exploration will be required.  Homework will be assigned daily, mainly math, to students for individual completion and group assignments will be completed in class. 


The best way to contact me is by calling the classroom at: (480) 472-8631 or email me at If you wish to schedule an appointment with me, please call the classroom and leave a message.  You can also send me a note with your student if you prefer. 


I hope that you do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding any assignments.