Financial Services
Fax: 480-472-0165

Daniel O'Brien

Chief Financial Officer
(480) 472-0413

Responsible for:
All Financial Departments
The Chief Financial Officer oversees all district, federal and state grants, student activity accounting practices, preparing budgets, payroll, financial reports and tax functions.  Works with Superintendency and Governing Board in directing financial strategy, planning and forecasts.  

Pamela Mulhearn

Director - Financial Services
(480) 472-0112

Responsible for:
Oversees all Business Office personnel including Accounting, Accounts Payable, Federal & State Grants, Financial Services, Payroll and Student Activities. Coordinator of all district accounting systems.Administrator of day-to-day operations involving fiscal services.

Cheryl Montgomery

Budget Analyst
(480) 472-0116

Responsible for:
Budget Preparation

Debby Caldwell

Trainer / Technician
(480) 472-0117

Responsible for:
iVisions Training
OBARS Training
Account Code Questions
Budget Reports / Queries

Kevin Maez

iVisions Specialist
(480) 472-0119

Responsible for:
iVisions Security
iVisions Self Portal
F-1 Visa Student Management

Senior Budget Technician
(480) 472-0115

Responsible for:
Fund 610
Training Backup
Website Updates

Jamie Wilson

Budget Technician
(480) 472-0114

Responsible for:
Fund 001
Cell Phone Stipends
Debit Cards
Fingerprinting Payments
Postage & Printing Charges