Foreign I-20 Student Guidelines

Foreign I-20 students are tuition paying students attending Mesa Public Schools on an F-1 Student Visa.  I-20 forms are issued for High School students only.  There are several steps involved in completing the process to obtain an I-20 form that allows the student to obtain the F-1 Visa. 

The following links outline the requirements to obtain an I-20 through Mesa Public Schools:

High School Contact List

Attendance approval must first by obtained by the high school the student will be attending.  The following is a list of the high schools in our district that may be contacted for attendance approval:

Dobson High School

Brita Beatty     480-472-3052

Mesa High School

Gary Butler     480-472-5918   

Mountain View High School

Lori Black        480-472-6901

Red Mountain High School

Jerzy Wasilewski     480-472-8030

Skyline High School

Deb Hall         480-472-9407

Westwood High School

Deb Lee        480-472-4505

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