Professional Skills Training

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School Employee Health and Personal Hygiene

The Institute of Child Nutrition offers many resources on practicing safe hygiene and cleaning. Below are videos regarding School Employee Health and Personal Hygiene. These trainings are free to view and no login is required.  Click here for the full Prevent page.

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Over 77 interactive training courses on a myriad of Nutrition topics from Food Allergies to Culinary Math. A login is required to complete the trainings, but registration is free.

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Food Safety Resources

Handouts, videos, and presentations on a wide range of Food Safety topics. These resources are free to view and no login is required. 

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iBites Podcast

19 episodes to listen to on a variety of Nutrition topics with special guests from the industry. These podcasts are free to listen to and no login is required.

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School Food Handler provides professional standards education for school food handlers. Below is a study guide on food safety. This training is free to view and no login is required.  Click here for their full page of resources.

School Food Handler Study Guide

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Most of SNA’s webinars are provided as a member benefit, but the COVID-19 and Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom are currently free. Non-members can participate in those webinars by creating a guest account. If you are already an SNA member, login with your account info. If you have not signed up for an account, register on the SNA website.

Training Zone

On-Demand Webinars

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Download books and audio books 24/7, along with many other digital resources and trainings.

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