We Are Grateful

Mesa students, teachers, parents and principals are grateful for your support. These quotes from our thank-you notes show how your generosity is making a difference in children’s lives.

Thank you for . . .

Student making heart with hands. . . the shoes. My mom couldn’t afford to buy them right now. Neither could my dad. They are really comfortable and pretty. These are the best shoesI’ve ever had. You should be proud.

. . . supporting the music program. We bought lots of instruments. We are reaching more students than ever before.

. . . working with us to help students find a new sense of belonging and to stay in school to graduate, partly because we can ease some of their financial pressures. We thank you for your kindness.

. . . the grant that funded our giant map of Mesa. Thank you for believing in my idea and making it a reality!

Thank you for . . .

. . . supporting Mesa's Grow Your Own Teachers program. It's an excellent transition from the high school classroom into a program that helps students who are interested in education as a career. Mesa Foundation is playing an integral role in the success we're seeing. Because of your generous contribution, our teacher candidates are realizing their academic and career aspirations.

. . . funding our Signing Time videos. We have learned many signs so that we can communicate with all of our friends.

. . . being part of our school family. We will never be able to express in words how grateful we are. With so many projects happening at Taft, we realize we could not begin to accomplish so much without your funding for the new science activities.

. . . the tutorial grant. I’m encouraged and excited about our Homework Club.

Thank you for . . .

. . . our stock market minigrant.

. . . the field trip for our biology class.

. . . the manipulatives in our math minigrant proposal.

. . . your generous donation of computer equipment. It has made a world of difference in our lab.

Thank you for . . .

. . . the computer you sent our way. You truly are the greatest!

. . . helping us educate our youth with classical literature.

. . . my mentor, because my sister gets me sad all the time. So I need a friend.

. . . for the $1,000 grant to buy a projector for our presentations. We will try to be worthy of the faith you have placed in us to give our students the best counseling program possible.

. . . Eddie's shoes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And Eddie thanks you from the bottom of his feet.