BenThe Original Franklin Elementary Schools

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade."
~ Benjamin Franklin

Franklin Schools are schools of choice for parents who are looking for an alternative approach to education for their children. The Franklin Schools were established to provide a specific educational program that was conceived and developed with significant parental input. Its general educational mission is to provide not only literacy skills, but challenge, reward, and encourage the development of individual talents and give the motivation to excel for all students.

All aspects of the operation of Franklin Schools are based upon a foundation of common sense and easily understood educational principles. Parental involvement continues to be an ongoing characteristic of each campus. This assures parents, students, and educators a steady course in the process of literacy. This stability allows for focused teacher training to assist in the continual development of skills of the educational staff. The result is consistently higher educational performance and growth for the students.

The Franklin program is known for:
Spalding phonics
Highly structured program
Rigorous, fast paced, accelerated curriculum
Whole group instruction
Before and after-school tutoring program, 1st-6th
Before and after-school award winning band and orchestra programs
Conservative dress code
Required parent involvement
National award winning Blue Ribbon Schools
High academic and behavior expectations
Daily homework schedule
Timely parent communication
Busing is available
Private school atmosphere with the resources & support of Mesa Public Schools
Arizona's First School of Choice

Please visit any of our four campuses:
Franklin East  (  1753 East 8th Ave.             480.472.6500
Franklin West  ( )   236 South Sirrine St.        480.472.5400                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Franklin at Alma (  1313 W. Medina        480.472.3900

Franklin at Brimhall (   4949 E. Southern Ave480.472.2600

We invite all parents to come to one of our four Franklin campuses to see if the Franklin program would benefit your child. We further invite you to continue your exploration of our web site to gain more information. If your investigation generates questions, please do not hesitate to call for further information.