Health Office Information

We believe healthy children learn better.
School is no place for a sick child.

Home Control of Communicable Diseases

The control of communicable (catching) disease during the school year is a difficult problem and an important responsibility.  The first responsibility must fall upon the home because parents know the normal appearance of their children and should be the first to detect signs of illness.  Frequent hand-washing is the best prevention.

The following rules will help to control communicable diseases in the community.

1.   Your child should remain at home if exhibiting any signs of illness.

2.   When questioning illness, your family physician is the appropriate person to contact to determine whether or not your child should be in school.

Some signs of illness:
     Severe Sore Throat
     Draining Wound

All students with a fever need to remain at home until they are fever free.

The above web site includes information about Medication Administration, Immunizations Requirements, and Free Immunization Clinics.