Homework Policy





Homework is a central characteristic of Benjamin Franklin Schools.  It has three major purposes:

  1. To teach personal responsibility and time management skills.
  2. To keep parents informed about what their children are studying.
  3. To provide additional academic growth and development.

 Parent responsibilities concerning homework are as follows:

  1. To provide a time and place free from distraction for the work to occur.
  2. To sign the daily homework sheets or papers (whether completed or not) and review the child's work and provide words of encouragement, not correction.
  3. To work closely with the teacher if a problem occurs.

Below are the minimum and the maximum time guidelines for homework for which parents should plan.  The times by grade level are listed below:

Grade                     Minimum               Maximum
Kindergarten            10 min.                  15 min.
1st Grade                15 min.                  30 min.
2nd Grade               20 min.                  45 min.
3rd Grade                30 min.                  60 min.
4th Grade                30 min.                  75 min.
5th Grade                30 min.                  90 min.
6th Grade                30 min.                  90 min.

Nightly Oral Reading

All student's are expected to read aloud or be read to for a minimum of 10 minutes each night as a part of their homework.

Parent Responsibility

Parents should insist that the students dedicate at least the minimum amount of time to some academic study at home. Reading and vocabulary study is the recommended activity during that time if the homework from school is not enough to take the minimum amount of time.  Remember, the first purpose of homework is to help children learn personal responsibility and time management skills.  Parents should also teach their children that if they do not finish their daily work in class, that work is in addition to the actual homework, and it is not part of the actual homework time.  Therefore, reports, themes, and unfinished daily work could account for some students more than the maximum amount of time stated. Student punctuality and personal responsibility will ensure that this does not happen.

All students receive homework four nights per week, Monday through Thursday.  Homework will be directly related to daily instruction.  Daily work not completed is not considered homework, but must be completed by the next day.  Homework will be evaluated by the teacher or as a class assignment.  Standards of neatness and accuracy are to be maintained regardless of the subject matter area.  The homework grade is determined by the percent of homework completed or worked on for the maximum time.  Grades 2nd - 6th use daily homework assignment sheets to assist in communication with the home.  First grade uses homework assignment sheets at the end of the year.

Students should be taught regularly that they are responsible for their homework and that no one other than the classroom teacher should help them complete the assignments.  This will help the students learn to concentrate during instructional time, as well as teach personal responsibility.  Problems with incomplete homework may be referred for disciplinary action. 

Signing the daily homework log is a parent responsibility that should be a part of the daily home routine.  This log lets you know exactly what the child is supposed to do and serves as a communication tool between home and school.  Please support your child's education by doing your part. 

If students are absent, they are given two school days for every school day of absence to make-up missed work.