School Policies

A: 94-100%
B: 86-93%
C: 77-85%
D: 69-76%
Below 69%

 Letter grades are given to reflect actual achievement.

The Franklin Parent Organization is a very important element of each Franklin School. All parents become members of the Franklin Parent Organization and voluntarily pay annual dues. This provides funds for the organization to ensure the smooth ongoing operation of the school. The Franklin Parent Organization has an elected board of Directors, called the Parent Council, which meets monthly to act and provide insight and advice on matters of policy and concern. Appointed representatives are added to the council as needed. All parents of Franklin School students are invited an encouraged to attend these monthly meetings. Meeting dates are published in the school newsletter. Please feel free to contact members of the Franklin Parent Council at your respective campus.

Parent-teacher conferences are held the week after first six-week grading period and the week following the fourth six-week grading period. Students are dismissed earlier than the normal time that week. These conferences are designed to benefit the students, parents, and teachers in working together to help each child be as successful as possible in school.

Reports cards are issued every six weeks, taken home by the students, signed by the parents, and returned. The information on the report card includes letter grades reflecting student achievement in all subjects as well as an evaluation of the child's behavior.

Moving automatically from one grade to the next in not always the best thing for a child.  Some children have a better chance for success if they remain at a grade level for an extra year.

Local school boards set standards consistent with state guidelines for promotion from grade to grade.  The essential skills required by the Mesa Governing Board are available from your principal.

If the teacher thinks your child will benefit by staying in his or her current grade, you will be involved in meetings with the teacher, the principal, and other staff members involved with your child's education.  However, state law provides that the final promotion/retention decision is for the classroom teacher.  If you choose not to accept the teacher's decision, you may request in writing that the Mesa Governing Board review the decision.

To register your youngster in a Mesa school for the first time, you will need a certified copy of the student's birth certificate or other reliable evidence of identity and age, such as a baptismal certificate.

Children should be 5 years old before September 1 before enrolling in kindergarten. To enter first grade, a child should be 6 years old before that date.

SCHOOL VISITS  Back to the top of the page
We encourage parents to come to school frequently to visit their child's classroom and be actively involved by volunteering. For reasons of safety and to help us keep track of campus visitors, we ask parents to report to the office before going to a child's class. This is especially important if you plan to observe your child's class for any length of time.  While on campus, we expect parents to adhere to the same standards of dress and behavior as that of the students.

During these observations small children need to be left at home since young children may distract students. We also ask parents to avoid conversations with the teachers during such visits, so the teacher may conduct class as usual. Siblings or non-Franklin students are not permitted to attend class with Franklin students.  

The district does not carry insurance for the students' medical or dental cost if they are injured during school activities. Parents are responsible for their child's insurance. An optional school-day or 24-hour accident policy is available at school through a private agency for a nominal cost.  Information on the policy goes home with each child in the fall.  Parents may pick up additional forms and purchase the insurance anytime throughout the school year.

DAILY SCHEDULE  Back to the top of the page
The first bell rings 5 minutes before school starts.  Your child should be at school before the first bell rings.  Children are not to be at school more than 30 minutes prior to the start of school unless they are participating in a school activity.  Minimal supervision is provided for approximately 1/2 hour before and after school.

All students are dismissed 30 minutes early of Friday.


ATTENDANCE  Back to the top of the page
If your child is ill, or for any other reason will be not attending school for the day, please let the school know as soon as possible. It is very important that your child be in attendance every possible day.  Absences create major obstacles for teachers and inhibit academic growth for both those absent and those who have to have learning delayed because of make-up instruction being given. Parents are expected to plan family vacations during the school vacation time. Please do not use children for baby-sitting during the school day or schedule student health appointments during school time.

Each parent is expected to teach their children the importance of punctuality. The bell rings five minutes before school starts and children should be at school before that time.  If a child comes to school after attendance is taken, the child must first report to the office to be removed from the absence list. This makes the child even later for class. Tardiness is disruptive to the learning process. It has a negative impact on the entire class, not just the child who is tardy.  After a child has been tardy 12 times during the school year, it is evident that the tardiness is based on the lifestyle, choices, or circumstances of the parents. Therefore all efforts toward correcting the problem will be directed at the parents. Those parents will be encouraged to find another school that will better accommodate their circumstances, or to develop habits of punctuality that reflect respect, courtesy, and the value of school and the education it offers to children.

STUDENT CHECKOUT  Back to the top of the page
For their protection, students are not allowed to leave campus without being released through the office. Parents must sign students out of the office if children must leave during the day.

Lunches may be purchased daily or by the week. Students bringing their lunches may also purchase milk.  If your child buys lunch, please check regularly to be sure that there is a lunch ticket or lunch money available. Parents are welcome to eat with their children anytime.

Mesa Public Schools provide transportation to Franklin Schools on a limited basis.  It is a parent's choice to use this service.  Each year a parent's guide to transportation services will be provided at orientation. The following guidelines serve as the Franklin Transportation Behavioral Policy. Please discuss these expectations in your home each year before your child uses school transportation.

At the bus stop Franklin students:

  1. are polite and courteous to all
  2. wait patiently in safe, appropriate areas.
  3. use soft voices to communicate
  4. use appropriate language.
  5. are respectful of all property.
  6. walk in a safe manner.


On the bus Franklin students:

  1. cooperate with the bus driver.
  2. are polite and courteous.
  3. respect others property.
  4. ride in a safe, appropriate manner.
  5. use soft voices to communicate.
  6. use appropriate language.

The consequences for students misbehavior are as follows:

  • Level One - Warning from the bus driver.
  • Level Two - Principal discipline.
  • Level Three - Suspension of bus privileges up to 6 weeks and probation for the rest of the year.
  • Level four - Suspension of bus privileges for the rest of the year and probation for the following year.

HEALTH SERVICES  Back to the top of the page
The school maintains health records on each child.  An immunization record must be completed and in our files before a child may attend school.

Through health services, in addition to medical care, students receive instruction in nutrition, cleanliness, dental care, and basic safety and health rules.  If at any time your family is faced with an unusual health situation which could affect your child's performance in school, please notify the school's health office.

Parents must complete an Emergency Medical Referral Card for each of their children. Tell us how to contact you or another responsible, agreeable adult if your child's becomes ill or is injured at school.  Make sure to list health problems, including allergies to foods, medicine, and insect stings. Please let us know if your address, home phone, business phone, or emergency number changes during the school year.

Like you, we want to do what is best for your child.  If we cannot reach you in emergency, we will call paramedics who may decide an ambulance should be called.  The cost of this service is the parent's responsibility.

School personnel are often asked to administer medication to students.  When necessary for the student to take medication during school hours, school personnel may cooperate if the following conditions are met:

  • Whether a prescription drug or an over-the-counter drug, the medication must come in its original container.  The pharmaceutical label must be on the container of any prescription drug.
  • The parent must provide written direction to the school that the medication be administered.
  • For students on campus, medication shall be kept in the health office.  Where necessary, students may carry asthma inhalers if written permission is provided by a medical doctor and a parent.

Generally, health-service staff administer any necessary medication with the exceptions made for such things as field trips or community-based education.

BICYCLES  Back to the top of the page
A parking rack is available for students who ride bicycles to school. To prevent bicycles thefts, parents should make sure that children have and use bicycle locks. For the children's safety, we recommend that students in second grade and under not ride bicycles to school. In past years, the more serious bicycle accidents involving Mesa Unified School District students generally involved younger students.  Students are not permitted to ride bicycles on the school campus.  We also encourage children to wear helmets as a standard safety precaution.

Parents are expected to teach the school rules to their children at home before the first day of class.
School rules are established by parents, teachers, and the principal.  These rules cover vandalism, fighting, and punctuality as well as respect, honesty, courtesy, and proper language.

Teachers teach students these rules also, especially during the first week of school.  The student government members also reinforce school rules by example in their leadership roles.  The principal defines and enforces any rule not explicitly listed.

The following is a list of Benjamin Franklin School Rules.
Franklin students:

  • tolerate and accept physical and cultural differences among others.
  • show respect to adults and fellow students.
  • use only wholesome and courteous language.
  • walk on the sidewalks.
  • settle disagreements without fighting or threatening to fight.
  • talk quietly while on campus.
  • hold playground equipment when walking on sidewalks.
  • play only in designated playground areas.
  • show consideration of property and others by not throwing rocks and clods.
  • play non-violent games. For safety reasons they do not play tackle town and tackle football.
  • are mannerly in cafeteria.
  • behave properly when participating in assemblies.
  • follow the school dress code.
  • are on time to class and school activities.
  • respect other's possessions and do not take items belonging to others.
  • place trash in proper receptacles.
  • help preserve school property by not writing on school walls and doors.
  • get permission from the office before leaving the school grounds.
  • leave candy, gum, toys, trading cards and items that might disrupt school or cause injury at home.

Please teach your children that Benjamin Franklin Schools have a highly disciplined, tightly structured, calm, and orderly atmosphere.  Respect, courtesy, friendliness, and cheerfulness are expected.  To ensure this, teachers establish and teach both school and classroom rules.  Consequences for inappropriate behavior are clearly spelled out and enforced.  Communication between home and school is an important part of an effective disciplinary program.

Under most circumstances the following is followed:

  • 1st level- warning for teacher or supervisor
  • 2nd level - teacher discipline
  • 3rd level - teacher discipline, parent notified
  • 4th level - mandatory teacher, parent, child conference
  • 5th level - principal discipline
  • 6th level - mandatory principal, parent, teacher, child conference
  • 7th level - temporary suspension for less than five days (student, parent, teacher, principal conference required)
  • 8th level - long term suspension (more than five days), due process procedures will be followed as prescribed in district policies.

Students are subject to the MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS GUIDELINES FOR STUDENT BEHAVIOR which are provided to parents at the beginning of each school year.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Back to the top of the page
Benjamin Franklin School Students have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of programs.  Band and orchestra are offered before or after school.  There is also a sports program after school sponsored by the City of Mesa Parks and Recreation Department.

The Franklin Parent Organization may provide programs such as Battle of the Books, chorus, arts and crafts, computers, drama, foreign language, chess, stock market, jump rope, etc., providing there is enough support to staff these programs, and sufficient interest to hold the class before or after school.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT  Back to the top of the page
Benjamin Franklin School has an organized student council. Parent permission and teacher recommendations are necessary for students to be involved in student government. Check with your individual school for further information.

P.E. EXCUSED ACTIVITIES  Back to the top of the page
If your child's P.E. activities need to be restricted for more than a week, we will need a doctor's statement.  For less than a week, a note from you will do.

STUDENTS BIRTHDAYS  Back to the top of the page
Students birthdays are recognized, however, no other treats or birthday recognition's are permitted.  Please be sensitive to the feelings of other children on campus and do not pass out party invitations on campus.  Balloons, flowers, etc. are not permitted to be delivered to students at school.  Such practices are very disruptive to the instructional process and foster disappointment and resentment.  The school recognizes the fact that families care deeply for their children, and we encourage you to show that care in appropriate manner by celebrating your child's birthday away from school outside of school hours.

LOST AND FOUND  Back to the top of the page
Please put your child's name on clothing and all other personal belongings brought to school.  Lost items are stored until their owners claim them.  Please check with us if your youngster loses something at school.  Periodically, when the "Lost and Found" becomes too full, we donate everything to a charitable group.

By Mesa Public Schools district policy, teachers are not permitted to accept gifts, gratuities, etc.  It is recommended that students and parents express their feelings of appreciation for teachers and staff through thoughtful notes or homemade cards.  Parents are encouraged to share their feelings of appreciation for teachers and staff to the Franklin Parent Council, the principal, and Mesa Public Schools district officials.

DAMAGE OR LOSS OF SCHOOL PROPERTY  Back to the top of the page
If a student damages or loses school property, parents will be billed for replacement or restoration costs. The school expects parents to teach their children personal responsibility by insisting on respect for public property. 

PHONE CALLS TO SCHOOL PERSONNEL  Back to the top of the page
If you find it necessary to talk with your child's teacher during the day, please call before or after school or leave a message on their voice mail.