Students Excel at Geography and Spelling

Suspense filled competitions held this past week with the winners moving on to the district  and state level competitions this winter.

In December, our auditorium was filled with excitement and suspense as the school Geography and Spelling Bees were hosted. The competition was tight, but winners were finally determined. In the Geography Bee, Luke Hagen secured first place, while Rex Dyer took second, and Trinity Peterson-Mayes came in third place. Luke will take a computer-based test to determine if he will compete in the Arizona Geography Bee this spring! In the Spelling Bee, Pualani Harper placed first, Rex Dyer came in second, and a threeway tie of: Megan Barrie, Ian Tenney, and Bryant Higginbotham closed the competition. Pualani will represent Franklin Jr. at the District Spelling Bee held at Franklin at Brimhall’s Auditorium on January 23, 2016! The best of luck and knowledge is wished upon our winners! 


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