Mrs. Christine L. Day

Phone: (480) 472-2624

Hello Firebirds and Welcome to 7th Grade Science at Franklin Junior High!

Welcome to Franklin Junior High and welcome to a fantastic year of learning!  I began my teaching career with Mesa Public Schools in 2002, teaching 5th and 6th grade elementary.  Shortly after I began teaching, I realized that I truly had a love for Science and the students I taught did as well.  This realization prompted me to go back to school so that I could teach my favorite subject, Science, on a full-time basis.  I moved up to junior high ten years ago and I truly enjoy working with seventh grade students to help spark their interest in Science. I currently hold a bachelor's degree in Communication from Arizona State University, a post-baccalaureate degree in K-8 education, and am certified in general science.  Currently, I am working towards becoming a Certified Environmental Science Teacher.

Science has been important to me as long as I can remember and I enjoy making it come alive for my students.  I am constantly attending classes and seeking out conferences to attend that allow me to learn more to bring back to my students.  I am also one of the club sponsors for the Franklin Junior High Science & Robotics Club.  In 2005, I was selected by Boeing to attend NASA Space Camp and incorporate much of what I learned from that experience into my lessons.  In 2015, I was selected to attend the DIG Field School and experience an actual dinosaur fossil expedition, also allowing me the opportunity to incorporate that experience into my science curriculum.  This summer, I was selected to join a group of NASA scientists to study the geology of Northern Arizona.  The purpose of the trip was to identify how some of Arizona's geology was created and how that translates to studying the geology of Mars.  Each of the scientists that was on the trip, currently has a piece of equipment on the Mars Rover, Curiosity, or is building a piece of equipment for the new rover, which will launch in 2020.  In any event, I came back very inspired and can't wait to share the information and activities with the students.  Science is in everything and I strive to help students understand the importance of science in their everyday lives as well as introducing them to exciting science-related careers for their future.

Seventh grade science is an exciting time for your student--it is usually the first time that students get the opportunity to experience science in a lab setting.  With that experience also comes a certain amount of responsibility as far as coming prepared each day and behavior expectations for working in a lab setting.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.  For weekly news about what's happening in 7th Grade Science, please subscribe to my newsletter feed, Day Time Science.  You can find information about what we're working on, upcoming events, and major assignment deadlines.  I look forward to working with your student this year!