Athletic Information

7th & 8th Grade Junior High Athletics:

As an athlete at Fremont Jr. High, students become ambassadors of the school, as well as, the individual team, the student's family and themselves.  How a student acts sends an important message of the student's character.  Athletes who represent Fremont must adhere to the guidelines illustrated in the Fremont Athlete Handbook and the rules and guidelines set forth by the individual coach.  Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in consequences that will most likely affect playing time or the status as members of the team.

We no longer offer skills camps at this time, however, we have four seasons of competitive teams.  The cost is $75 per season.  Financial aid is offered for those who qualify and the application can be found here.



Tryouts will be held for every sport and all students must participate in tryouts to be considered for the team.  Normally tryouts are held during the second week back to school per quarter.  All students must turn in a signed Permission to Participate form to the coach the day of tryouts. *A physical is not required to participate in Junior High Athletics.


Registration Upon Making the Team:

Once your student has made the team, a registration form will need to be completed and turned in with payment to the bookstore before the first game.  These forms will be available from the bookstore, front office or your student's coach. Uniforms will not be handed out until these items have been received as well.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your student being cut from the team.  



All students are eligible at the time of tryouts each season.  Grades will be checked at progress report time.  If a student is failing one or more classes, they will not be allowed to participate for a minimum of one athletic game and will have to bring up their failing marks to a passing mark before they regain eligibility to play again.  Students will still be allowed to participate in practice and attend games to help cheer on their teammates.


End of Season:

At the end of a sports team's final game/championship game, all players must turn in their uniform to the coach.  If a uniform is lost, stolen or not turned in, the student will be held responsible financially to replace the uniform in an upwards of $25 and a fine will be put onto the student's account.