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Technology Equipment

For issues with personal Lenovo, projector, computers and other technology equipment, contact Fremont's Tech via email or phone at 472-8338. You also have the option of calling the MPS Help Desk at 472-0044, option #1 then option # 3 and have the barcode/asset tag and serial number ready. Help Desk can remotely access personal device or computers and correct the issue on the spot if possible. If not needing immediate help, click the Help Desk button below to submit a work order through the Self Service Center work order system. Click on "Log in using your windows account" then click on "Add a new work order."


Training on equipment will be provided throughout the year. If you are interested or need help, please contact Fremont's tech to set up a training session. Also, the district does conduct training at various times during the school year and summer. To register for a class, please contact Ed Tech at

Computer Lab

To reserve Lab 204 or Wireless Lab 95 for use, check the computer lab schedule calendars for available dates, e-mail preferred dates to Fremont'sTech to secure your request. Dates will be approved on a "first come first serve" basis with the exception of mandatory testing. If you are using the computer lab, please prepare a seating chart prior to being in the lab. Click below to see the Lab schedules and seating charts.

204 Lab Schedule

204 Lab Seating Chart

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95 Wireless Lab Schedule

95 Wireless Lab Seating Chart

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