Angelica Harvey

E-Mail Address:

Phone: (480) 472-8318

Voice Message: (480) 472-8326

 Years at Fremont: 22

Education Degrees:

B.S. in Physical Education and Exercise Science

M.A. in Secondary Education


Current Subjects:   

7th and 8th Grade Boys and Girls Physical Education


7th and 8th Grade Girls Elective Volleyball


Sports Coached:

Freshmen Girls Track 15 seasons 

2006-2007  Girls Track City Champions!!!! 

Freshmen Girls Tennis 12 seasons

7th/8th Athletics - Softball 5 seasons

2013 7th Grade Softball City Champions!!!                

7th/8th Athletics -  Soccer 4 seasons 

7th/8th Athletics - Volleyball 4 seasons

2014 7th Grade Volleyball City Champions!!!

7th/8th Athletics - Basketball 4 seasons

2015 7th and 8th Grade Developmental Basketball City Champions!!!  


Of Aztec Descent (In other words, Mexican) Yo Hablo Espanol.

Arizona Native- I grew up in Phoenix.

Attended 12 years of Catholic School in Phoenix.   Harvey wore a skirt !!!

Attended Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, Saint Vincent De Paul Catholic School,  and Bourgade Catholic High School.

Graduated from ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY with Bachelors Degree.

Graduated from NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY with Masters Degree.