Welcome to 7th Grade Math
Building 4
Room 45

Mr. Shelton and Benny

Email: drshelton@mpsaz.org

Phone: 480-472-8274

Benny the Service Dog and his Training in the Classroom.

Benny the Sheepadoodle wearing a hat


  [MPS Policy for Animals in Classrooms]

Benny will begin his Service Dog in training here at Fremont.  

He is a second generation Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog and Standard Poodle). 

Training occurs outside of instructional time and typically away from students.  When in class, he will spend his time in a crate/bed while students are learning.  Students typically do not interact with service animals but may see him walking about campus working on his focus and bracing skills.  Most importantly, students will learn how to interact with a service dog in the community as a working animal, not a classroom or campus pet.  You can follow his training adventures on Instagram @bennythewonderfluff

While at Fremont, Benny will be learning daily skills such as:

  1. Avoiding public distractions
  2. Lay at the feet of a caregiver under a desk
  3. Assist humans in daily tasks such as retrieving dropped items
  4. Opening and closing doors
  5. Turning on/off lights

If you have any questions about Benny and his time here at Fremont, please do not contact Mr. Shelton via Email or Phone.


Oh yea, then there's Mr. Shelton

Cycling in Alaska

Mr. Shelton grew up in the Southern California.  He loved to play in the ocean, hike around Lake Arrowhead, and off road through Joshua Tree.  After graduating from high school, his adventures took him north to Washington where he served 6 years in the USAF (141st ARW) and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education from Eastern Washington University.  In 2005 Mr. Shelton made his first professional move to Arizona where he taught at Fox Creek Jr. High and Mohave Community College.  In 2008, he received his Master's Degree in Education from NAU and moved to the Phoenix valley.  2018, Mr. Shelton earned a certificate in General Education with an Endorsement in Middle Grades Mathematics.

Aside from living in three very different climates, Mr. Shelton has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Iceland, and six trips to Alaska.