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I will be updating this and the course calendar periodically as needed. The feed will be sectioned according to the the different courses I teach rather than have separate feeds for each course.

Please understand that this Newsfeed will always be "under construction." The calendared items will be the best estimate known, but they may vary a few days determined by when the projects are completed. Set dates will be so stated. Also, we will sometimes change activities according to the world and technological events of the day.  

Parents are always welcome to come visit the class.

Material Usage Fees:

There is a voluntary fee of $10.00 for Industrial Arts courses which is used to purchase materials used by the students.  Families are encouraged, who have not done so, to make this payment to the Fremont Bookstore. 

Donations for funding and materials are greatly needed and appreciated.  Parents may make tax-deductible donations directly to this program so that students may receive the funding necessary to have a “great” program.  More information is available at this website:


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Mr. Gary Ray

Phone:  480-472-8394


Tutoring Hours

I will be on campus to assist students


  • Afternoons: Tuesday 4:00 - 5:00 pm


Or by appointment (call or email me) if needed.  Days and times subject to change due to meetings or other teaching commitments.

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Career and Technical Education
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