Mrs. Leah Barnes

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Phone: (480) 472-8342

While this class should challenge your students, I will also provide them the resources they need to succeed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns throughout the school year. I am most readily available through email, but if this mode of communication is inconvenient, please feel free to call the school phone number at 480-472-8349. I will answer any communication as soon as possible. I look forward to a great year getting to know all of my students and working with you toward their success.



In this class, students will be collaborating with their peers in order to create relevant and meaningful learning gains. Students will be examining a variety of literary and informational texts while developing skills in written work, analysis, and reading skills. High standards will be placed on all students to encourage critical thinking and success in this class. Please refer to the Arizona Department of Education for an in depth look into the standards guiding this class. Mesa Public Schools is adopting a new approach called Standard Based Learning. Therefore, the curriculum has been adapted focus more on the standards.

We will be using the textbook  Holt series.  Other literature is used to align with our Social Studies curriculum.

  • Elements of Literature

This textbook will be used occasionally, but many of the reading is used with Social Studies reading.

Course Needs:

Students are required to bring the following supplies to class every day:

  • Daily  Blue English folder with prongs  with school wide binder 
  • Pencil pouch with pencils, pens, highlighter, etc…
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Student Agenda
  • We use technology daily in the classroom. Students can bring headphones, personal mouse, and laptops. (Student responsibility if brought and has to be used properly based on technology contract)