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Mindi Sue Stebbins
msstebbins@mpsaz.org 480-472-8357

English 7 Links

Donations Needed:

  • Kleenax
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Lined Paper
  • Pencils
  • Erasers


DAILY during lunch.  See me for a pass.  Work and eat in Rm. 62.

Before school: Tuesdays at 8:15 a.m.

Other opportunities are available by appointment.

Important Due Dates:

  • Students can still hand in Donner Party informative essays for a better grade.  Must hand in improved version along with the rubric and the old version.  
  • 10/23/17  Quiz:  "Bargain"
  • 10/27/17  Final Draft of "Bargain" essay due.  (Typing Day)
  • 10/30/17  Edit and Revise 1st Final Draft.  See Portal for Directions.  Revise, reprint, and hand in both copies.

TAMIO Summary Requirements:

  1. Title, Author, Main Idea
  2. Evidence with Parenthetical Documentation
  3. Explain Evidence
  4. Evidence with Parenthetical Documentation
  5. Explain Evidence
  6. Evidence with Parenthetical Documentation
  7. Explain Evidence
  8. Conclusion

BASIC Parts of an Essay:

Introduction: Attention Grabber, Thesis Statement, Preview of Main Points

Body Paragraphs 2-4 for an Informative Essay/Paragraphs 2-3 for an Argument Essay:  Main Point, Evidence, Explanation, Evidence, Explanation, Conclusion

Body Paragraph 4 for an Argument Essay:  Counter Claim, Evidence, Refute Counter Claim, Evidence, Explanation, Conclusion

Conclusion:  Restate Thesis Statement, Review Main Points, Conclusion