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Mindi Sue Stebbins
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WebEx Class Meetings and Google Classroom Codes?

Check in Canvas!  

TAMIO Summary Requirements:

  1. Title, Author, Main Idea
  2. Evidence with Parenthetical Documentation
  3. Explain Evidence
  4. Evidence with Parenthetical Documentation
  5. Explain Evidence
  6. Evidence with Parenthetical Documentation
  7. Explain Evidence
  8. Conclusion

Parts of an Essay:

Introduction: Attention Grabber, Thesis Statement, Preview of Main Points

Body Paragraphs 2-4 for an Informative Essay/Paragraphs 2-3 for an Argument Essay:  Main Point, Evidence, Explanation, Evidence, Explanation, Conclusion

Body Paragraph 4 for an Argument Essay:  Counter Claim, Evidence, Refute Counter Claim, Evidence, Explanation, Conclusion

Conclusion:  Restate Thesis Statement, Review Main Points, Conclusion

Questions about Grades?

Check the Portal!  Canvas is the application we use to get the assignments to the students and evaluate them there. It is not a grade book.  It records a percentage of anything turned in and does not take into consideration the missing assignments when calculating that percentage. The official grade book is the portal (student vue/parent vue).  I enter grades manually in the portal after grading assignments in Canvas.  The two applications do not sync.  Grades are weighted 80% assessments and 20% assignments per department and school policy.  Hence, assessments will have a greater effect on the overall grade than the assignments will.