Nancy Seyfferle

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I grew up in a small beach town on Long Island, NY and attended State University of New York at Oneonta where I studied French, German and English Literature.  A job in public relations kept me in NYC for 13 years but once my daughter came along the only job that appealed to me was Mom.

We moved to AZ in 1992 and have called Mesa home for the last 29 years.  I love the desert but must admit that I am happiest near the ocean.  I was the first American in our family; everyone else except my brother and our children is from Nova Scotia, Canada. After some extensive traveling I realize that it is easily my favorite place and my husband and I hope to retire there. 

Our home is full to the brim right now (and almost all of the time, if I were to be honest) with pets who couldn't find the right home.  We have 7 cats, one silly pit bull named Fate and a very goofy GSP named Gill.  And let's not forget my husband, daughter and me, whose job it is to serve them all.  Frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way.  

This is my 4th year at Fremont and I love it; I couldn't imagine working anywhere else. The staff and students make every day!