Questions & Answers

When will I know if my 6th Grader has been invited to be apart of STEM?

March/April we will have roughly identified the feeder schools. All invites will be sent out in May with an application.

When will my child have to decide if they are going to be apart of STEM?
By June we would like to have our list ready for counseling to place the STEM cohort. Deadlines will be on invites and applications.

If my 7th Grader is not in STEM this past year, could they apply for 8th grade?
7th Graders may apply to the STEM program for their 8th grade year. Limited space available.

Where can I get more information about the program?
In the Spring there will be an information meeting regarding the program and a chance for parents to experience the technology that their child will  be using. This will also give the parent an opportunity to speak with STEM faculty regarding the program and the benefits of STEM.

What's so great about STEM? Why should my child participate?
STEM provides a unique experience that only Fremont can offer. Students will be packed with a tool belt of knowledge that can be taken past the classroom and apply in real- world scenarios. Students will travel in a cohort and be exposed to a team-building environment where they will encounter problem based learning activities. Students in STEM will also be apart of using some of the latest technology trends in the district and be trained to use programs that few their age have been exposed to. STEM instructors work very closely together to ensure students progress as well as creating an innovative learning environment that goes beyond each content area allowing for deeper connection in their learning experience.