Elementary Gifted and Talented Program
Grades K - 6

Programming Overview

The elementary program centers around teaching students tools to enhance their critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.  In the elementary program, services are delivered through two different models--itinerant push in and resource pull-out services.  Both service models are one day a week programs where students attend class taught by a gifted endorsed teacher.

Eligibility Requirements

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: Identified K-2 students attaining a 97th percentile or above in the verbal, quantitative or nonverbal portion of the Cognitive Abilities Test will have an Educational Service Plan (ESP) written for them.  The plan will be developed and implemented by the regular classroom teacher with assistance from district personnel.  Resources and ongoing district support will also be provided to the classroom teacher as needed.

3rd - 6th Grade: Students who score a 97th percentile or above in one area of the Cognitive Abilities Test will be provided services through the resource pull-out classroom. 

Pull-out Class Curriculum

In the resource pull-out program, class instruction focuses on developing problem solving skills.  By learning tools to enhance creative and critical thinking, students will be able to tackle increasing more complex, authentic problems or challenges.  Students learn about different problem solving approaches including Creative Problem Solving and the engineering design process.  Typically, students will participate in a long-term investigation each year that culminates in the application of learned/researched information.

Elementary Gifted and Talented Staff

Important Dates 2019-2020

August 12-16: Elementary Testing

August 19: 1st day of Gifted classes

October 14-Nov. 1: 4th Grade Testing

October 14-Nov. 1: 3rd & 5th Grade Nomination Testing

January 20-24: 2nd Grade Testing

January 20-24: 3rd & 5th Grade Nomination Testing

May 15: Last day of Gifted classes