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Check Out Policy and Procedures

Borrowing books from the library is a special privilege and a great way for students to practice responsibility. 

Students check out library books as a class every week for one week at a time. Books are to be returned every week on the student's library day.

  • K-1 must keep their library books in the classroom. They are not allowed to take books home.
  • Grades 2-6 are allowed to take out up to 2 books each week.


If books are not returned, students will not be able to check out new books. Also, If a fine shows up on the students account they will not be able to check out books until that is taken care of. This is a district wide policy. Periodically, the library will send reports on fines to families via mail/email.


Damaged or Lost Books

Students with late, lost or damaged books will not be eligible to check out books again until their books are returned or the fines are paid. If your student has a late, lost or damaged book, you will receive a notice by email, phone call or your student's backpack.

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