Guerrero Students Learn Coding through Robotics Challenge

In the fall of 2020, students in grades 4, 5 and 6 were invited to join the FIRST® LEGO® League at Pedro Guerrero Elementary. Using hands-on learning to gain real-world experiences, the team engaged in research, problem-solving, coding, and engineering as they built and programmed robots using LEGO® educational materials.  Assisted by the ASU Engineering Outreach Department, teachers Julie Slaughter and Dhavan Mussa took on the challenge

Lego Robot

 to coach students through the various projects.

The STEMcentric, twelve member Robotics team was eager to show off what they learned and compete with their robots in the 2021 Tucson Regional Tournament. The February 20th tournament was held as a remote event and the competition submissions were required to be submitted in video format.

During the competition, the team engaged in 2.5 minute missions with the goal of completing as many as possible. The missions, which the students coded, included a step-counter, treadmill, weight machine, and a robot dance. The students personalized their robot, affectionately tagging him "Pedro" after a beloved former class pet, a leopard gecko.

A five minute presentation was also prepared for the Innovation Project which required them to find a solution for a current problem in our society: Motivating People to be More Active.

Julie Slaughter reflected after the competition, "We will continue our mission to expand our knowledge of coding and robotics in order to begin preparations for next year, as well as continue our growth as a team."

Lego Awards


The FIRST® LEGO® League registration fees, Challenge Set and LEGO® robot sets were funded by a grant through


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