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Third Grade

Third Grade Teachers

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Third Grade Program Description

Third grade classes are heterogeneously grouped with the assigned classroom teacher responsible for language arts (reading, English, spelling, writing), social studies, science, and math. Instruction in all areas is based upon common core standards. Please refer to detailed curriculum descriptions below.

Delivery of instruction in third grade includes teacher directed lessons in whole class or small group settings with individual progress closely monitored. While instruction is quite often textbook driven, students' application of skills and concepts is demonstrated in projects, demonstrations, reports, exploratory and investigative units of study.

Instruction in curriculum areas include:

  • READING - Harcourt Brace is the adopted basal reading textbook used for instruction to ensure students' exposure to a wide range of comprehension levels and literary skills.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES - The core curriculum includes two textbooks: Communities, published by Scott Foresman, and History and Geography, published by Pearson Learning.
  • SPELLING - Houghton Mifflin spelling book emphasizes word structure, decoding, and vocabulary development.
  • WRITING is an important integrated component of the third grade curriculum. The writing elements include: ideas; organization; voice; word choice; sentence fluency; conventions; and presentation.
  • ENGLISH focuses primarily on grammar and mechanics using the Houghton Mifflin language book. Review and reinforcement of spelling and English mechanics are provided through the daily practice and application of skills.
  • MATHEMATICS - McGraw-Hill series is used in instruction along with supplementary materials, technology and manipulatives.
  • SCIENCE core curriculum includes five science units developed by the school district and designed to meet the district and state science curriculum objectives. The five units are: The Nature of Life; Finding Out; From Barley to Bubbles; Physics of Sound and Light; Rocks and Fossils.
  • SUPPORT PROGRAMS offer students regular instruction in the computer lab and in the Media Center. Third grade students receive instruction in vocal music, art, and physical education. Interested students may participate in the band or strings programs. In addition, the students participate in field trips, assemblies, and grade level activities designed to support the curriculum.

Homework is assigned to reinforce skills taught and is considered an important facet of the student's learning experience. Each student's progress is reported quarterly on a report card. Conferences, phone calls, and notes are means of communicating students' progress to parents. Parents are considered vital to the child's success in school and are encouraged to volunteer and contribute.

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