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                                                             Kindergarten Teachers
                                                                      Mrs. Patt
                                                                      Ms. Tomblin
                                                                      Mrs. Willson



Each kindergarten class is heterogeneously grouped in a self-contained setting.   Delivery of instruction involves whole groups, small groups of children, and individual interactions with the teacher.  Instruction in all areas is based upon AZ College and Career Ready

Standards.  Group work, while generally focused on academic tasks, helps the children to develop social skills and to learn application of life skills.  Daily recess time allows for social interaction and motor activity.

The full-day kindergarten program aims to prepare students for first grade.  The daily program includes instruction in language arts and phonics using the Harcourt Brace reading program.  Math is taught using the McGraw-Hill My Math materials.  Social studies and science are taught using district developed curriculum using trade books and additional resources for teaching standards. 

Support programs offer students regular instruction in the computer lab and in the Media Center.  Kindergarten students receive  instruction in vocal music and physical education. In addition, the students participate in field trips, assemblies, and grade level activities designed to support the curriculum.

Homework is assigned to reinforce skills taught and is considered an important facet of the student's learning experience. Each student’s progress is reported quarterly on a report card. Conferences, phone calls, and notes are means of communicating students’ progress to parents.  Parents are considered vital to the child’s success in school and are encouraged to volunteer and contribute.