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Mesa Public Schools along with our Parent Teacher Organization have been working to increase our technology to create a 21st Century,

1:1/blended learning environments.

In addition to our computer lab, which consists of 36 desktop computers, a scanner and three printers, every grade levels has a mobile computer cart.  Currently we have 9 mobile computer carts available for classroom use.  Each computer cart contains 35 Lenovo Thinkpad laptop computers.  These are used in the classroom for additional computer time besides their weekly computer lab visit.

Every classroom is also equipped with a laptop, projector and Avervision Document Camera system and a SMARTBoard.  As well as two – four desktop computers for students' use.


The computers are used primarily for research, typing, assessments and learning centers. 

Our wireless technology has enhanced instruction by the ready use of the internet, visual projections, and accessibility to learning that is simulating and engaging for the students.  The use of the computers in the classroom and computer lab is central to supporting the curriculum and offering students another means of applying learned skills.

Each of our Kindergarten through sixth grade classes has Audio Enhancement technology which distributes the teacher’s voice evenly throughout the classroom.   The distribution of sound is accomplished by the teacher wearing a small infrared wireless microphone that transmits his/her voice through speakers mounted throughout the classroom ceiling. In addition, there is a handheld microphone that students use when reading, giving reports, or making presentations to the class.  The system also allows teachers to enhance the sound of supporting technology equipment such as DVD’s, projectors, and laptop computers.  Hale’s Parent Teacher

audio enhancement

 Organization purchased the systems and all of our regular education classrooms have been equipped with the Audio Enhancement Systems, since Decembe

We continue to opportunities to expose our students to and engage them in the world of learning through the use of technology.  We appreciate the support of our P.T.O. and community members who have joined us in this endeavor.r 2008.