Ms. L. Rogers

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Phone: (480) 472-7417

Are we ready for a great year in 2nd grade?

  Hello Hale Heroes! I am SO excited to be teaching at Hale again this year! This is my 3rd year teaching here. I taught 1st grade for the past 2 years. I am excited to move up and work with the wonderful 2nd grade team this year. I'm looking forward to all of the fun things that 2nd graders get to do! :)

  A little about me:

M -  Musical (I'm not talented in singing, but I love listening to all kinds of music, and play it often in class.)

S -  Smart (I love learning! I honestly learn something new everyday, and it's usually something a student taught me!)


R -  Reader (Reading is one of my favorite things to do. If I could, I would hide away somewhere with a pile of books.)

O -  Organized (My daughter says it's a fault of mine, but I enjoy organizing. I try to find ways to organize anything.)

G -  Grateful (For all of my students, parents, and co-workers at Hale. They are the best!)

E -  Excited (Driving to Hale every morning gets me excited to see my students and have a great day!)

R -  Relaxed (Staying home and playing games or watching a movie is a favorite weekend hobby of mine.)

S -  Soda Drinker (I couldn't leave out my favorite thing to drink - Cherry Pepsi! It helps me survive each day!)


  I love teaching. I have taught 1st and/or 2nd grades in Arizona and Utah. I started at Alma Elementary in Mesa. I was there for 3 years, then I moved to Utah. I taught at Western Hills Elementary in Kearns, UT for 2 years. I moved back to Arizona and started teaching at Kerr Elementary in Mesa. I was there for 9 years, then I came to Hale. This year I'm starting my 17th year of teaching and I couldn't be happier. :)

  NAU is the college I'm loyal to. I got both of my degrees from there, even though I never took a class on the campus in Flagstaff! I drove down to Coolidge 2-3 nights a week to attend a satellite program through NAU at Central Arizona College. After a couple of years, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. After my first year of teaching, I joined a co-hort of other teachers from Mesa Public Schools that met twice a week through another off-campus NAU program. After another couple of years, I received my Master's Degree in Bilingual/Multi-cultural Education. I'm waiting for the right time, but I'm anxious to get my 2nd Master's Degree one of these days!

  I have a daughter, Kaylee, who is in 7th grade at Poston. We live in Mesa, just down the street from Westwood High School. I attended Mesa Public Schools from Kindergarten through High School. I attended Lowell, Irving, and Johnson during my elementary years, then I went to Carson Jr. High, then Westwood. I'm a proud MPS graduate!

  During the year I will do my best to update this website frequently. I will add any curriculum information that might be helpful to you, as parents and students in my classroom. I will also include our schedule and calendar information. Please feel free to call or email me (using the information above) anytime if you have any questions or concerns. I will check my email & voicemail each school day before and after school, and during the day if/when time allows. If there is anything urgent, please call the office and they can contact me immediately.

  Thank you for all of your support for your child's education. I never mind a phone call, email, or visit if you ever need me. My door is always open and we would love to have you visit our classroom any time. :)

Thank you,

Lindsay Rogers