Ms. Mardi Puntenney  

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Hello! The kids call me Ms. Mardi. I am very excited to be teaching the 5th grade at Hale!

I have been teaching now for 17 years. This will be my 11th year with Mesa Schools. I carry masters degrees in Counseling and Elementary Education, with additional credentials in Gifted and Talented and math intervention. Within my teaching career I have taught 2nd through 5th, K-8 special education and math intervention.

Teaching is my 3rd career. In my youth I built a commercial and residential cleaning business. This gave the me time to finish my educational goals. Once I completed my BS in Justice Studies at ASU, I sold that business and entered into a career with law enforcement. During that time I completed a graduate degree in Educational Counseling.  After a time I wanted a more "gentler" profession and switched to a career in education.  So, I returned to school and completed graduate coursework in elementary education and the rest is history!

I'm really excited to be part of he Hale Hero family! Let's roll!


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 My motto: Wherever you go, there you are!