Mr. T.J. Jackson

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I was born and raised right here in Mesa, Arizona! I know that is a rare sight indeed. I was an Adam's School Tiger, a Powell Junior High Patriot, and a Mighty Jackrabbit of Mesa High.  I attended Arizona State University majoring in Physical Education.  Even though I'm certified to teach all grades, my heart belongs to the elementary program. I also received my Master's degree from Northern Arizona University. I got my PhD in my dreams.

I'm back teaching part time since I retired from full time teaching in 2015. My teaching career started at Whitman Elementary but I have been at Hale since 1990. Although all the Mesa elementary schools do the same PE program, working here has always been a special treat. Among my other responsibilities at Hale, besides teaching PE, are Student Council, S.I.A.C. and 6th grade Science Camp. I'm also involved in teacher training with Arizona State University. During the last several years I've mentored over forty ASU student teachers. I have received the Mentor of the Year award from ASU twice, and during the school year of 04-05 I was named Arizona Elementary PE Teacher of the Year.  Above all that, I consider it a privilege and an honor to be part of the Hale community. Thank you for always supporting what we do here.

I'm married to Doris, the lovely lady in the office who folks call to excuse their children. We have 4 children:  Annie, Jonny, Spencer, and Donald. Each one of them are doing great because each one was a Hale Hero! So we consider this place part of our home.