Hawthorne’s Vision Statement

We work collaboratively as Professional Learning Communities to facilitate the development of each individual student to reach or exceed all targeted academic goals that lead them to their highest level of achievement.


We improve student achievement by building a strong social and academic community utilizing Tribes, Kagan, and tiered interventions supporting remediation and enrichment.

Teachers, administration, staff, parents, and students collaborate as a learning community to promote student success within and beyond the classroom.

Staff empowers students to be successful as part of an AVID Elementary School. Students record their own data, so they are aware of their own academic progress. They continuously set goals and celebrate their successes. Students are accountable for their own learning through self-reflection.


We promote a positive awareness of Hawthorne Elementary through the use of community outreach and partnerships, public relations, social media, and invitations to school events.

Our combined effort and commitment will ensure that we will achieve our SMART goals and become a model school.