Hawthorne’s Vision Statement

We work collaboratively, utilizing team determined SMART Goals, to facilitate the development of each individual student to hit all targeted goals that lead us to excellence. 

We improve student achievement by building a strong social and academic community utilizing Tribes Learning Communities and the Pyramid Response to Intervention approach. 

Teachers, administration, staff, parents, and students all work together, to support, share, and grow as a community for all students’ success and learning.

 Students are equipped with their own data folders so they are aware of their academic progress.  They set future goals and celebrate their successes. Students are accountable for their own learning through self-reflection. Staff empowers students to be successful as a part of an AVID elementary school. 

We promote a positive awareness of Hawthorne throughout the community. 

Our combined efforts and “whatever it takes” attitude will ensure that we will make Adequate Yearly Progress and become a model school.