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Twenty district schools earn Civic Engagement awards

Mesa Public Schools won more 2016-17 Civic Engagement awards than any other district in the state.

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Superintendent Cowan to retire

Mesa Public Schools superintendent will complete distinguished career at the end of the 2017-18 school year.

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Boeing awards Mesa Public Schools $301,000 for STEM initiatives
Thanks to four new grant awards from Boeing, Mesa Public Schools continues to offer innovative student-learning and professional development opportunities. Boeing has provided $301,000 to fund science, technology, engineering and math grants, including: Engineering Is Elementary for pre-kindergarten to sixth-grade students — $77,000 Claiming the Evidence : Promoting STEM...
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Good morning,

My name is Carolen, I am the secretary for Health Services,  I will be helping you through the hiring process.  I have attached information to obtain an IVP Fingerprint card this process can take a few weeks, so sooner the better.  Once you have completed this process and received your IVP card please let me know.  I also need a copy of your CPR card and your Nursing license.  The best way is to upload them to Recruit and Hire site where you initially put your application or you can always scan them in and email them to me.  The next thing we will be waiting on is a reference check, once that is complete you will get either a phone call or an email from H.R. stating your next steps.  In the meanwhile please give me a call with any questions.  Welcome!



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