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1st grade supply list


Dear Parents

       First grade at Hermosa Vista is an exciting, fun filled learning experience.  We are very proud of our first grade team.  As teachers, we love what we do, and work closely together to ensure that your child has the benefit of all of our strengths and expertise.
      As we look forward to our new school year, we are anticipating an exhilarating year with a whole new group of wonderfully enthusiastic first graders.  The following explains some of the highlights of the first grade year, and includes information that may help you prepare your child for this important year.
      We will be offering an exciting, specialized reading program that will meet your child's individual needs, as well as, offering enrichment activities that will challenge students at all levels.
     Your child will learn to write his/her own stories and reports, including both fact and fantasy.  
      We will read and study books by some of the most famous children's authors...like Kevin Henkes, Eric Carle, Marc Brown, David Shannon, Audrey Penn and Barbara Park, just to name a few.
      Our math curriculum teaches a wide range of skills and concepts, incorporating higher level thinking.  We will use many fun "hands on" manipulatives to help students understand and explain concepts presented. Students will learn addition and subtraction facts through 20.
     Science and social studies will be taught using themes that incorporate skills from reading, writing, language arts, and math.  Some of the units we will present include: American symbols, holidays, solids and liquids, habitats, rocks and soil, plants and seeds.
     We will also become "computer literate" as we visit the computer lab, and work on our classroom computers.
We will be going on a field trip in the fall and the spring.  We are considering a few places at this time and will let you know if the near future where our field trips will be held.