Many of you have decided to plant gardens, large or small, in your yards during the school closure! The weather is providing us with perfect temperatures for optimal growing right now. Once our plants are planted, all we have to do is water and wait. The waiting is the hard part! It takes time for plants to establish their root system before we begin to see any visible growth on the plant above the soil. The better the root system, the bigger and healthier the plant. So what can we do while we wait? Begin a backyard compost! Composting is a free and easy way to recycle your yard and food waste into THE BEST soil for your garden. Your growing plants are going to need you to replace the lost nutrients in their soil as they grow. Compost is better for your plants than any fertilizer you buy from a store and a fun science project. To get started, Google "How to start a backyard compost" and you will find a wealth of information. Garden Club students have been composting in the school garden for 2 years. They can probably answer any questions you may have, but if you want a little extra help, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to walk you through the simple process. Don't forget to send me pictures! I love talking about gardening!