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Request for Donated Funds Application




Applicant: ______________________________________________________________


Grade Level/Department: _________________________________________________


How many students will benefit from this request? ______________________________


How will these project/materials benefit your curriculum/department?       ____________




Briefly describe your project/program, and what sources you plan to use.









How the money will be spent:


Items/ Materials to be Purchased:

Estimated Cost:












Total: $ __________________


Checks to be made payable to:



(Please attach receipts if applicable.)


Please remember to turn in all receipts, even if the check is made payable to you. PTO must have receipts for what you purchased.



     For Committee Use Only


Date Received: _________________________        


Date Reviewed: _________________________


Committee Response:





Request for Donated Funds Guidelines




1. Applicants should be a current member in good standing in the Hermosa Vista Elementary PTO.


2. Completed application forms should be placed in the PTO mail box located in the

    school office.


3. Finance request applications will be reviewed once a month by the PTO board at the

    monthly PTO business meetings.


4. Applicants will be notified of approval/denial within two weeks of committee review.

    Funds will be distributed at that time.


5. A record of all applications will be kept with the Hermosa Vista PTO.


6. Finance request funds will be approved and distributed until all budgeted funds have been allocated.


7. There is a $200.00 limit per donation request. Finance donations in excess of $200.00 will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may require further information.