Dear New Third Grader,


It is a district policy to supply students with the needed tools for their classroom work.  However, parents and students always request a list of supplies that may be beneficial, as students love to have their own “new” items to use during the school year.

***** Back Pack

      2 boxes of 24 count crayons (one for each semesterBack Pack

      Colored pencils

      Large Glue sticks (2 to 4)

      Scissors (Fiskar brand – sharp point work the best)

      White board markers (black please)

      Pencils – pleeeease, no mechanical pencils (Kids lose the led & they break easily)

      A box or two of tissue to share with the class

      Quart and gallon zip lock baggies for class

      A box of antibacterial wipes to share with the class

      Snacks to share with the class (Fishy crackers, Cheese-Its, etc.)

      1 extra large plastic school box for storing “things” in your desk

      Highlighter pack that includes yellow, green, pink and blue. 

      Four colored pen (see photo below)

      A ream or two of white or colored copy paper

      2 plastic two pocket folders, for homework and classwork (not a binder)

      2 spiral notebooks (70 pgs)

      11/2 inch 3 ring binder with clear sleeve

Image result for 4 color pen


*While you are out shopping for supplies keep your eyes open for some “fun items” that we could sell at our classroom store. I frequent the clearance shelves and dollar stores in search of great deals. (playground equipment, folders, arts-n-crafts, candy, markers, pocket games, flip flops, etc.)

*More info concerning our store will be coming home.