Ms. Pamela Amaya                    

Phone: 472-7589
Room 27

All Kids

"What you believe, you can achieve."  ~Napoleon Hill

…and I do believe that a student can achieve any goal that he sets forth to accomplish. I believe in big dreams and teaching students to work hard to become confident no matter what obstacles they must endure.

I am privileged to work with young people at Hermosa Vista Elementary School. I have been teaching over 20 years in Mesa.  My strength as an educator is teaching with sincere compassion.  I have a special gift of connecting with my students and their families by creating a trusting, professional bond.

I am a graduate of Arizona State University.  Although I have completed college, I continue to learn from my community, from my colleagues and from my students.  I enjoy mentoring new teachers, tutoring students in all curriculum areas, and volunteering my time to our district's Native American Education Program. In my free time, I enjoy reading, running, and playing music.  

As your student’s teacher, I hope to have your confidence as I guide them through a successful school year.


Target Skills Week 4/10/17
3rd Grade 
Target Skills Week 4/10/17          
4th Grade  

Spelling words:

continents    South America

Arctic            North

Atlas             Africa

Australia       oceans

Indian           East

Spelling words:

addition    sadness   lovable    endless   handful

plentiful   breathless  happiness  solution  careful



Story this week: Cocoa Ice Reading: One Grain of Rice                         

Review Math: Multiplication facts timed (3 minutes)

New Math: Customary Measurement

AzMerit - Math  assessment this week

Review Math: Practice math facts (5 minutes)

New Math: Customary Measurement

AzMerit - Writing assessment this week!