Highland Arts Elementary

Highland is a Kindergarten through 6th grade school that is dedicated to arts integrated curriculum. There are some unique things about Highlart galleryand Arts.

The school entrance is an art gallery that features glass cases where teachers display art projects as well as large tackable walls for visual art products. The art gallery is wide and long to allow for dance and movement activities and practices for stage productions. 

Twice a month the entire school gathers to attend Friday morning Flag Salutes. These assemblies provide opportunities for students to be on stage, sing patriotic songs, and come together as a school family.

display caseThroughout the classrooms visual, dramatic, and musical arts are purposely integrated into the academic subject areas. The walls inside the building are covered with murals created by the children and local artists. In some areas even the ceilings have art displays!

Included in our focus of arts in education, we also emphasize educational technology. Highland has two upgraded computer labs. Students have the opportunity to learn how to create audio and video podcasts, as well as other computer-based arts and academic activities.

Highland Arts is a school that is meeting the needs of the whole child. The belief is that arts enhance education, and that quality learning takes place when the academics and arts are integrated.