September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

Coming This Week

Sept.   20   -  Play Rehearsal, 3-4:30pm, (rm.36)

           21   -  Play Rehearsal, 2:30-4pm, (rm. 26)

           22   -  Play Rehearsal, 3-4:30pm, (rm.36)

           23   -  Flag Salute: Math Blaster Honors, 8:35-9:10am, (MPR)

Looking Ahead

Sept.   26   -  1st Grade Johnny Appleseed Day

                  -  Student Council, 3:10-4pm, (rm. 19)

           27   -  Ident-A-Kid, 12:30-2:55pm (Art Gallery)

                  -  Play Rehearsal, 3-4:30pm, (rm.36)

           28   -  Play Rehearsal, 2:30-4pm, (rm.36)

           29   -  Play Rehearsal, 3-4:30pm, (rm.36)

                  -  SeaWorld Parent Meeting, 6-7pm, (MPR)

Oct.      3   -  5th Grade Candy Bar Sales Begin

             4   -  Play Rehearsal, 3-4:30pm, (rm.36)

                  -  Band Concert, 6:30-8pm, (MPR)

             6   -  Play Rehearsal, 3-4:30pm, (rm.36)

                  -  PTO Meeting, 6:30-8:00pm (Conference Room)

             7   -  Early Release 12:55pm


Early Release

End of Grading Period

Friday, October 7

Kdg. & Gr. 1 – 6    8:25 – 12:25pm



October Break

No School

Monday, October 10 through Friday October 14



Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, Oct. 17 – Friday, Oct. 21

Kdg. & Gr. 1 – 6, Mon. – Fri.    8:25-1:55pm






Safety for our Students

We need your cooperation in our parking lot.  We continue to ask for parents’ patience, cooperation and diligence in following the rules of the parking lot.  We are asking for parents to be the positive role models for our students. 

A teacher is assigned to patrol the sidewalk in front of the office roving to the street and bike rack.  The parking lot does not have an assigned employee to cross students to waiting cars in the parking lot.  If a child needs to meet parents in the parking lot, the parent will need to park their car and come to the sidewalk to safely cross their students. 

A reminder to students that ride their bikes to school, they should wear a helmet and ride single file along the sidewalk.  Students should not ride in the middle of the street.  Parents are reminded to not park in the crosswalk zone along Adobe, not only is it illegal but dangerous for our bike riders.  Again we are asking parents to abide by the laws; no cars should be parked within the school zone.

As a community, it is our duty to be diligent in creating a safe environment for our young people.


Greetings from Kindergarten!

      The school year has been moving along well. We are very excited about the change of seasons and on some days the change in the hot weather. We are learning songs and poems about autumn and looking forward to the many holidays and activities coming over the next few months. Just a reminder from the team… In an effort to be mindful of the feelings of others, we ask that if your child is inviting children from the class to their birthday party, they must give the invites to their teacher to pass out. The invites should be labeled unless there is one for everyone. Thanks for your help in this.



      Orchestra has started morning practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:45 to 8:15am. It’s not mandatory but will help those who want to get ahead and practice together with other players. It’s a great time to practice and get to know other players from different classes. Also, share your ideas on designs for orchestra t-shirts as we are looking into ordering them soon.



      Ident-A-Kid will be on campus September 27 to take pictures of students for identification cards.  Students will be weighed, measured, fingerprinted, and photographed quickly and accurately by a professional. Look for the brochure that will be sent home this week providing information and cost of this beneficial service.


Energy Safety in an emergency

September is National Preparedness Month. In an emergency, utilities may be damaged, and outages may occur. Know how to recognize and react to an energy emergency. But remember, regardless of your plan, always follow the directions of on-site officials. For more, visit




School Hours

Our school day begins at 8:25am.  There are teachers on duty to supervise students from 8:05 until the first bell rings at 8:20 when the students line up from recess.  Students who are not involved in an activity such as Student Council, Orchestra or Choir should not arrive before 8:05.  Students who arrive later than 8:25 miss opening announcements, directions for the day and valuable warm-up activities.  They also stop the teaching and learning going on in the classroom.

Students will be dismissed at 2:55 each day with the exception of Wednesday when students are dismissed at 2:25.


Math Facts Club

Each grade level has certain criteria each student must achieve to become a member.  To become a member each student must complete a given number of math facts, with 98% accuracy.  Depending on the grade level, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems are given.  All qualifying events are timed.

After a student is a member he/she may try out for Math Blasters Honors.  Students must then complete math facts in a shorter amount of time and with 100% accuracy.  Qualifying for Math Blasters is done once each six weeks.  Each winner will receive a certificate and a choice of a t-shirt or water bottle, dog tag, and jelly bracelet at a school wide assembly.  The first test for Math Blaster Honors was September 16.




Art Masterpiece

      Do you enjoy art? Are you looking for a fun way to volunteer in your child’s classroom this year? If so, please consider being a guide for Art Masterpiece this year.  Art Masterpiece starts in January and runs through April.  Guides prepare a 20 minute presentation of an art masterpiece to the classroom every other week.  Each guide usually presents about 7 times.

      Although Art Masterpiece does not begin until January, MANDATORY TRAINING for new guides begins in October.  Training will be held on October 20, October 27, and November 3 at the Creative Arts building located at 155 N. Center Street.  There are morning classes (9:00-10:30am) and evening classes (7:00-8:30pm).  All classes are taught in English.  New guides MUST attend all three days of training to be certified to teach in the program.

      If you are interested in participating in this fun program please contact Kristin Clark, Highland Art Masterpiece coordinator, at or at 480-649-9542.  Art Masterpiece is a great way to be involved in your child’s education!


Discovering the Possibilities of Space in Sixth Grade!

      Sixth grade scientists had an opportunity to participate in SIM (Space Integration Module) these past two weeks. The students spent the week before their mission date learning all about the history of the space program, major missions, accomplishments and tragedies and about conducting a mission themselves. There were three different areas set up and each student had a specific job in Mission Control, the Space Shuttle or the Space Station. All of the students were responsible for completing a number of tasks in their assigned area in order for the team to earn oxygen Units and complete their mission safely. This opportunity has allowed many of our students to see the possibilities of STEM based careers in their future. We may just have the next Buzz Aldrin here at Highland!


5th Grade Candy Bar Fundraiser

      Are you craving chocolate?  You’re in luck! The fifth grade will be having a candy bar fundraiser.  Students will be selling four types of chocolate candy bars for only $1.00 each. Candy bars will be sold before and after school and individually by students from October 3rd – 21st.  This may be a great time to stock up for Halloween or even holiday stocking stuffers!  Fifth grade is a busy year with events such as Science Camp, our Yesteryear Pioneer Celebration and various fine art performances we will attend. Please support us by buying some of our delicious candy bars!



Mrs. DeLong’s Second Grade

      We read a story about Frog and Toad in our reading books. We then studied frogs and toads. We made our own flip books that compared and contrasted frogs and toads. We made frog glyphs. We read a nonfiction mini-book on frogs as well as a National Geographic Frogs book. We learned about the life cycle. We even learned some frog jokes!  Here is one of our favorites: What did the frog order from McDonald’s?  A hoppy meal with French flies and a diet croak!


First Grade News

First grade is having an apple-licious month.  Here are some of the things we have been doing.  We tasted apples and then used adjectives to describe them.  We painted apples in a variety of ways and then created different styles of poems.  The shape poems and cinquains (5 lines) were very fun to write.  The students have such good ideas! For math, we graphed apples in different ways.  We discovered that some classes liked green apples best and others liked red.  We also graphed ways to serve apples.  Do you like apples best in pies, applesauce, sliced, etc?  For science we looked at seeds and discovered a specific shape is hidden inside an apple when you slice it crosswise.  Ask your child what this is.  Lastly, we capped off the month with Johhny Appleseed studies.  He helped the pioneers expand and settle westward by planting and providing apple seeds. We can always remember September as our apple month.


Upcoming Community Events

      Scorpion Hunt–Sept. 23rd at Usery Mountain

Join a ranger as he leads a night walk to find elusive scorpions. For more details go to this link

      Local BSA Troop 653 Rummage Sale

Saturday, Sept. 24th from 6:30am – 1:00pm, Held in Central Christian Church’s parking lot (North of Adobe on Lindsay). Come shop for great deals and help a local Boy Scouts of America Troop.



Student Opt Out Options

Parents are advised that to opt out of district/media coverage to members of the public, they must submit an Opt Out form to the school within two weeks of enrollment. There are no deadlines for opting out of Internet access; this can be done at any time during the school year.









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