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Parent Suggestion 2019-2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

During the month of April we begin the process of classroom planning for next year.  We take seriously the responsibility of meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of all students in Mesa Public Schools and value your role as a parent and partner in the process.  In an effort to balance classrooms the following criteria must be considered for the benefit of all students:

Achievement Balance

Heterogeneous Grouping

Distribution of Boys & Girls

Comparable Class Size


Language Proficiency

Please understand that we will do our best to honor parent suggestions if possible, however class balance is the top priority and you may not get the teacher that you suggest.

The Process is as follows:

 If you are attending as a boundary exemption in open enrollment, your open enrollment form MUST be completed first.

March 25 - April 5: Parent Suggestion Form available below (opens March 25).

April: Current year teachers, principal, gifted specialist, and special education teachers meet to place students for next year with a focus on balanced classes.

Parent Suggestion Forms are reviewed at this time.


May: Placements are reviewed and finalized.

July: Notification to parents of class placement through Mail-In Registration.

***ALL questions on the form must be completed for consideration of input.***

Student placement is a process that we take very seriously at Highland Arts. While it is not necessary for parents to offer input in the process, your perspectives are welcome and will be considered carefully. Highland teachers are exceptional in their skills and professionalism. Wherever your child is placed for the school year, you can expect a teacher who will work with you in providing the best educational experience possible. 

If you choose to provide input, you will be asked to respond electronically during the weeks of March 25 and April 1 for the upcoming school year. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE ENTERED BY APRIL 5 AT 4 PM TO BE CONSIDERED. 

Important note about observing teachers


If you feel that you need to observe teachers, please do so during the week of March 25th-29th.  Parents will not be permitted to do any classroom observations the following week due to Testing.   Also,  it is encouraged that you make appointments with the teachers you are observing to avoid scheduling conflicts.