Dear Parents,

We are pleased to welcome your child to fifth grade at Highland. As you may know, fifth grade is a year full of learning opportunities. We have already scheduled our trip to Prescott for Science Camp, which will include 2 nights away next year! We have also scheduled our Yesteryear Celebration, and we have begun making plans for our Flight Simulator trip next May.

In addition to those events, we would like to inform you of the plans we have to provide our students with diverse learning experiences. It is our continuing goal to have our reading and language instruction include enrichment in a small group setting. This enrichment will provide reading and activities that extend the skills taught through literature. Students may be asked to explore themes, compare characters, find solutions to conflict, create presentations for the class on famous people, etc. It is our hope that students will not only receive reading and language instruction on their level, but will be challenged by activities that encourage them to really think about their reading.

We will also be using small group instruction in math. In addition to our usual fifth grade math projects, like our Holiday Shopping Project and our Quilting Math Booklets, we will be using small groups to extend the learning already taking place in our classrooms. Students may be working in groups to complete alternate projects or work cooperatively to solve problems. They may create projects that illustrate math concepts for others.

We look forward to working with you and your child. If you have any questions, or we can be of further assistance, please contact your child's new teacher.


The Fifth Grade Team