Dear Parents,

Welcome to 6th Grade!

Are you ready for your student to take the next step in fulfilling their potential and becoming the problem solvers of the future? That is what we are here to help the students do. They will be given more responsibility for their education as they will work to increase their creative thinking. They will be asked to use their skills to answer difficult questions and solve difficult problems. This is not a year to sit back and wait to be taught. This is a year for jumping in and getting involved. The students will be asked to show and apply what they have learned throughout elementary school to prove that they are ready to move on to the next adventure, junior high. Here are some of the ways that the students will grow this year.

We are excited to integrate the standards in our curriculum as we feel it will help the students to enhance their critical thinking skills as well as their problem solving skills.

English/Language Arts

In Reading and Writing we are going to study the Ancient Civilizations of our world. The students will increase their comprehension while they learn about these exciting civilizations. They will be asked to apply their learning through argumentative writing and projects that help them show what they know in a creative, artistic way. Students will also be exposed to different literature texts in order to learn the standards. 


In Math the students will dig deeper and further their understanding of the different math concepts. They will not just be asked to understand what they are learning but apply their learning to different scenarios and aspects they will face in their daily lives. They will be put in situations where they will stretch, grow and be inspired as they learn how to think outside the box and solve difficult problems. We will be using the Big Ideas Math series to help assist in our teaching. Please feel free to visit for additional resources. 


In Science we study the depths of the oceans as well as the vastness of space. The students will learn about the different American astronauts and heroes of the space program. They will also learn about the history of our space program while they debate whether we should have continued the space program or not. They will also be studying oceanography and how the care of our oceans affects our entire planet. They will study the different animals of the sea, the depths and how it all ties in together with us in the desert.

Social Studies

We will study Ancient Civilizations like the Aztecs, Incas, India, China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and World War II. Through all of these civilizations there were rises and falls. The students will learn and debate the good and the bad. They will have to change their thinking as they question and form their own opinions about these civilizations. They will learn how to research and learn the difference between sources so they can form their own well-rounded and educated opinions.

Arts Integration and Aesthetic Education

Sixth grade students will be exposed to different forms and mediums in the classroom as we bring arts integration and aesthetic education into the classroom. Students will use inspiration pieces to create original pieces of artwork. 


The students will have a variety of opportunities to show their skills through Math Blasters, Battle of the Books, Spelling Bee, Track & Fun Day, Band, Orchestra, the school play and a STEAM club! They will also have the opportunity to participate in the Space Integrated Mission (SIM) where they will simulate being real astronauts. They will have to solve problems through creative thinking so their mission can be a success and they can make it home safely (simulated, of course). At the end of the year they will be  participating in a 6th Grade Commencement Ceremony and Celebration.

As you can see your student will be asked to do a lot. They will be asked to responsibly come to school on time, ready and prepared to learn, think and grow. We will be here to facilitate their learning as they become the problem solvers of the future.

The 6th Grade Team

 Mrs. Clanton, Mrs. Hey,  Ms. Dee, Mr. Davis, and Mrs. Robedeau