Dear Kindergarten Parents:

We realize that preparing for kindergarten is exciting for you and your child! We are also eager to be part of your child's life at this very important time. We will work hand in hand with you to make this a wonderful year.

As your child gets ready for kindergarten, here are a few things that would help: writing his/her name (capital letter at beginning of word, rest lower case); using scissors; naming some letters in the alphabet; counting objects to ten (10); naming numbers to ten (10).

Highland has four All Day Kindergarten teachers: Ms. Mary Dominis, Mrs. Leslie Mata, Mrs. Katherine Smith and Ms. Melissa Perez. 

We would like you to know some important information. Closed-toed shoes are safest and required at school. Back packs large enough to hold 9X12 paper (please, no wheels, for safety) are a great help in getting information to parents each evening. Your children should dress comfortably, and remember we sometimes we do messy things, so keep that in mind! For all additional supplies please see the Kindergarten Supply Link included here, as well as your child's teacher's personal page with her link to "Supply List".

When school starts this August, Kindergarten will be from 8:25 - 2:55 on Mon., Tue., Thurs., and Fri. On Wed. we dismiss at 1:50. Before school each day, your child may play on the kindergarten playground (south side of the school) under supervision starting at 8:05. Teachers will pick them up on the playground.  After school dismissal routines will vary by teacher. Each teacher will dismiss their class from a different location. Please discuss this with your child's teacher as this is a very important part of our day. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Mary Dominis, Leslie Mata, Melissa Perez and Katherine Smith