Parent Involvement Policy

Title I Section 1118


Highland Elementary recognizes the importance of parent involvement in their students’ education.  To encourage that involvement, our school will provide the following:


1        An annual meeting to explain the Title I program and inform parents of 

          their right to be involved in the program.

2        Scheduling of a flexible number of meetings to meet the needs of

          working families.

3        Involve parents for the purpose of improving academic achievement in

          planning, reviewing, and improving the Title I program at Highland.

4        Information about the Title I programs, curriculum and student

          assessments and proficiency levels students are expected to meet.

5        Opportunities for parents to provide input and will respond to



National Standards used to guide our planning:


1        Standard 1: Communication

Teachers will send home newsletters, office communications and work the student has done in class.


2        Standard 2: Parenting

At least 2 conferences will be held with parents whose children are having difficulties in school.


3        Standard 3: Student Learning

Teachers will facilitate evening events that highlight student learning and promote parent involvement.


4        Standard 4: Volunteering

Parent volunteer forms will be available in the office and classrooms.  The PTO will compile a list of parent volunteers for school events and activities.


5        Standard 5: School Decision Making and Advocacy

Staff will develop strong relationships with parents and encourage them to participate in decision making through PTO and SIAC.


6        Standard 6: Collaborating with the Community

Staff will encourage community and corporation partnerships.