Ms. Chelsey Carney

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"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values." -William S. Burroughs 

After graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2016 and teaching at Holmes for two years and counting this quote has fully encompassed my teaching style. I love teaching 6th grade and engaging students in all areas of their learning including helping them become kind individuals. The process of learning in my opinion, is more than students learning content, but also on how to work together and overcome challenges in order to succeed. 

I focus on creating a community within my classroom where students can work through their problems individually and as a class. In addition to this, students focus on expanding their writing skills with expository and argumentative essays, while being able to argue their point of view with facts in presentations. In science we cover a wide variety of topics  from oceanography to cells and biology. The aim of education in my classroom is active engagement with community to inspire life long learners. 

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