Dean PictureMr. Ryan Brandt

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District Phone:

Holmes: 480-472-5585  Longfellow: 480-472-6598


Hello!  I am Ryan Brandt and I am very excited to be the new Dean of Students at both Holmes and Longfellow. I will be alternating between the two sites every other day. 

I come to Arizona from the Midwest.  I grew up in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area but soon after completing my Bachelors Degree I headed to the Southwest for some sun! I look forward to sharing some of my educational experiences with our students and staff. I have a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis (Go Gophers!) . I then went right into grad school at Arizona State University (Go Devils!). I completed my Masters of Education in Elementary Education.  Finally, I completed my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University.   So I really see and live the power of obtaining a higher education and stress this to my students on a regular basis.  


I am proud to be a member of both the Holmes and Longfellow families and communities where we take our jobs of educating students very seriously. We are committed to providing the very best education to each and every one of our students. 


Please feel free to drop by the office and introduce yourself or if you have any questions or concerns.