Volume 9, Number 5, May 2016


May 26                      
Last day of School

May 30            
Memorial Day

June 6
HR Summer Hours begin Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM - 5:30PM 

July 19                       
Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits Begins

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Change in pay schedule for MEA employeess

Plan now for the pay schedule change coming next school year.

Effective July 1, 2016, all employees covered by the MEA working conditions document* will be paid one week in arrears, which aligns with all other district employee groups. Per the Auditor General and Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) §§15-502(F) and 23-351, it is recommended that all school districts establish a delayed payroll system that allows adequate time for payroll adjustments to ensure that employees receive the appropriate amount of compensation.

Aug 2016 pay calendar
What does that mean?
Currently for any two-week pay period, MEA-group employees get paid on the last day of that pay period. Starting July 1, for any two-week pay period all employees, will get paid one week after the last day of that pay period.

Let's look at an MEA-group employee whose 2016-17 contract begins on Aug. 4, which falls in the middle of the July 29-Aug. 11 pay period. On Aug. 18, the employee will be paid for six days of work—Aug. 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11.

If the employee has chosen the equal method of payment, subsequent paychecks will be at a fixed amount distributed equally over the remaining 21 paychecks, with the last payday of the year being June 8, 2017.

If the employee has chosen the balance method of payment, subsequent paychecks will be at a reduced amount distributed equally over 20 paychecks through May 25, 2017. The last payday of the year will be on June 8, 2017, and will be the balance of contract, which equals five biweekly paychecks. 

Methods of payment
To see the difference in the two payment methods, use the pay distribution calculator. The calculator will illustrate gross wages per pay period for each payment method based on a given annual salary and work calendar.

To change methods for 2016-17, a signed Method of Payment Form must be received in HR by July 15, 2016. No form is needed if the method of payment is not changing.

Questions? Contact Deb Herman at 480-472-0404 or Leann Heaton at 480-472-0402.

* The MEA employee group includes teachers, counselors, student advisors, nurses, psychologists, SLPs, audiologists, OTs, PTs, SLTs, department specialists, team leaders, JROTCs and deans. 

Incentive Program 

District and Classroom Site (Proposition 301) funds provide eligible MPS employees an opportunity to increase their compensation by achieving annual goals.  Goal results will be finalized in late June, and incentive checks will be issued July 12, 2016 if goals are met. 

Select details are listed below.  For complete information about eligibility criteria and estimated payment amounts, please see the Incentive Program Guidelines.

• Employees must be hired on or before March 11, 2016.
• Employees must be employed through April 21, 2016 and work at least 72 hours.
• The amount of incentive earned will be prorated for teachers who start after October 9, 2015 or are on a part-time contract.
• Teachers who have received an inadequate classroom performance rating on their evaluation or a Preliminary Notice of Inadequacy of Classroom Performance will be ineligible if they fail to correct the deficiencies within prescribed timelines.
• Support staff will be ineligible if they are placed on a for-cause probation and do not successfully complete the probation.
• Employees who are not rehired as a result of job performance are not eligible.
• Substitute teachers have a unique set of criteria, and must work a minimum of 60 days to be eligible.

This list is not a complete set of criteria; additional requirements must be met to be eligible for participation in the program and to receive any compensation. CLICK HERE for the Incentive Program Guidelines for complete information.

For all classified staff, certificated hourly staff, and department-based staff, 50% of their incentive pay will be based on achievement of the school’s or department’s wildly important goal, and 50% of their incentive pay will be based on achievement of a professional development goal.

The incentive plan for teachers has been updated in accordance with ARS §15-977, subsection B, paragraph 2. Arizona Revised Statue 15-977, subsection B, paragraph 2, states that individual teacher performance as measured by the teacher's performance classification pursuant to Arizona Revised Statue 15-203, subsection A, paragraph 38, shall account for 33% of the performance pay portion of the classroom site fund.

How does this affect the incentive plan for school- based teachers, specialists and administrators? In simple terms, the way the Prop 301 incentive plan dollars are distributed is changing. For school- based teachers, specialists and administrators, 66% (33% WIG, 33% PD) of their incentive pay will be based on achievement of school-wide goals and the remaining 33% of their incentive pay will be based on each individual's evaluation performance classification. 

Direct questions about eligibility to Christi Chapman (Classified) at cmchapman@mpsaz.org or (480) 472-0420 and Deb Herman (Certificated) at dkherman@mpsaz.org or call 480-472-0404.

Balance of contract checks for 2015-2016

Certificated contract employees and classified supervisors working less than 12 months will receive their balance of contract pay on the regular paycheck that follows their last contract day of work. Employees who receive their regular paychecks via direct deposit will also receive their balance of contract via direct deposit. For teachers whose last contract day is May 27, 2016, the balance of contract will be paid on June 9, 2016.


Contracts for Certificated and Classified staff who were rehired by April 26, 2016 have been issued. Contracts must be signed and returned to HR by May 27,2016. If you have any questions regarding your contract please contact LeAnn Heaton (Certificated) 480-472-0402 or Sandra Ramirez (Classified) 480-472-0427. 


As of July 1, 2016 Mesa Public Schools will be rolling out a new Financial System called Infinite Visions along with a new timeclock system called TimeClock Plus.  Both of these systems will allow our District to process information more efficiently and effectively. Infinite Visions provides a fully integrated web based financial system that brings ease of use to the end users, enhanced functionality across all financial, human resources and purchasing modules and a personalized Self Service Portal for all full-time MPS employees. With TimeClock Plus there will no longer be paper absences reports, printed time-sheets, minimal edit or "green" slips and fewer out of currents to process. Employees and Supervisors/Managers will now be required to electronically approve their time sheets. TCP provides two ways for employees to clock in/out and/or request leave; there is a WebClock version and a physical WallClock that employees will be able to use.  There will also be a process to request time off and monitor your accruals on either platform.  The Payroll Department will be holding training starting at the end of May and more information will be posted on the Payroll website under the "More" tab very soon.  Please stay tuned..... 

Arizona State Retirement System

Employees who are hired to work at least 20 weeks and at least 20 hours per week (half time) are required to enroll in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS).  Retirement contributions (through payroll deductions) are set up automatically for employees who meet eligibility.

It is important that employees who meet membership eligibility establish an on-line account with ASRS to ensure their contributions are correctly posted to their account.   Through the secure on-line account, members can maintain their personal contact information, review account statements, use benefit estimation tools, and establish/verify beneficiary information. ASRS also has an easy-to-use online retirement app for smart phone users.  To establish your secure on-line account visit www.azasrs.gov

Open enrollment for employee benefits

The Employee Benefits open enrollment period will run from July 19 through August 8, 2016. All benefits-eligible employees are encouraged to log in to the benefits enrollment system to confirm your benefits elections even if you are not making any changes to your coverage and/or you are not currently enrolled in coverage through Mesa Public Schools. Elections made during open enrollment take effect on October 1, 2016, at the start of the new plan year.  

Information regarding benefits rates and programs for the upcoming plan year will be posted on the Employee Benefits page in July and will also be communicated over the summer in a mailing sent to eligible employees' mailing address. Please mark your calendar and be on the lookout for benefits information sent to you through the mail. The Benefits Health Fair will be held on July 26 at the Mesa Convention Center. 


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