Volume 10, Number 3, January 2017


January 16                      
MLK/Civil Rights Day

January 20            
Sabbatical Application Deadline for 2017-2018 (certificated)

February 1
Verification of hours 2-5 PM, Room 303, ASC (certificated)

February 20                       
Presidents' Day

March 1            
Onsite opportunity to re-certify with ADE. Governing Boardroom 2-5 PM 

March 2                       
Student Teacher Orientation
Room 303, ASC  

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Impact of new minimum wage

Governing Board authorizes hourly wage adjustments beginning January 1.

On Nov. 8, Arizona voters passed Prop. 206, the Minimum Wage and Paid Time Off Initiative. This new law raises the minimum hourly wage to $10 in 2017 and incrementally raises it to $12 by 2020. Beginning July 1, 2017, it also requires that employees accrue one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked.

The district has a number of employees who currently do not meet the new minimum wage requirements. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, their hourly wage will be adjusted to $10.

This added expense was not anticipated when our current budget was approved, which puts a strain on district finances. As a result, bringing current or new employees up to the minimum wage is the only compensation adjustment due to Prop. 206 that will be implemented during 2016-17 year.

For new hires and transfers, the district will continue to follow the existing compensation guidelines as outlined in the MESPA working conditions documents. If these guidelines result in an hourly wage less than $10, then an adjustment to $10 will be made. All other hourly wages will be paid as currently calculated.

The new minimum wage requirements impact the design of our current compensation plan. This spring, we will evaluate options for our 2017-18 compensation plan to address future increases to the minimum wage as outlined by Prop. 206. Our goal is to continue to honor the service and education of all our classified employees, however, any recommended changes will be dependent on the availability of funding. While it is too early to estimate next year’s budget, we do not anticipate a significant increase.

More detailed information has been posted at www.mpsaz.org/info.


TCP changes now in effect

New procedures improve approval procedures for employee time.
Effective Jan. 1, 2017, the TimeClock Plus time management system was streamlined. The following changes are in place:


  • Employees no longer need to approve their time. When performing a clock operation, such as clocking in or out, the TimeClock Plus system confirms your operation. This now serves as the approval of your time. 
  • If you miss a clock operation, TimeClock Plus prompts you to correct it. We recommend you make this correction immediately, which confirms your operation and serves as your approval. 
  • If you cannot access the system via computer or clock, you may use edit slips (aka green slips). Complete and sign the edit slip, submit it to your TCP editor for entry into the system and your manager will it approve electronically.
  • Time-off requests must still be made through Request Manager, but no longer require your approval. If you do not take the requested time off or need to edit the amount of time, please let your TCP editor know. 
  • Now that your time is being confirmed upon clock operation, we recommend you review your hours on a regular basis.


  • Editors must ensure all employee time is accurate and ready for manager approval. 
  • If employees cannot access the system via computer or clock, you may offer an edit slip (aka green slip) to employees. You are responsible for inputting edit slip data into TimeClock Plus. Managers no longer need to sign the slip, though you will be required to retain the slips for auditing purposes.


  • Manager approval is required so your employees are paid correctly and on time.
  • If an employee uses an edit slip (aka green slip), you no longer need to sign it. 

Questions? Visit mpsaz.org/payroll/tcpinfo or call 480-472-0444.


ASRS meetings for you on "The Road to Retirement"

Meetings with Arizona State Retirement are scheduled for employees who would like more information.  The meetings will be held on the third floor of the Administrative Services Center located at 63 East Main Street, Mesa.

Route 4 – Next Exit – Retirement: Within 1 year of retirement

This meeting will help you prepare for decisions you will make when applying for retirement such as selecting your pension option, enrolling in health insurance and returning to work after retirement should that be in your future. You will receive a personal benefit estimate and instructions for completing your retirement application. Meetings are scheduled for 4:00 p.m. February 2 and February 16, 2017.

Route 3 - Destination in Sight: Within 3 years of retirement

At this meeting you will learn about pension benefits, retirement calculations, annuity options and much more. This meeting is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on March 1, 2017.

CLICK HERE to register for one of these three meetings. Space is limited. Employees who do not have access to a computer may use the workstations in the Human Resources lobby or seek assistance at their individual work site. Questions may be directed to Deb Herman in Human Resources at dkherman@mpsaz.org or X20404.


Policy review - Policy JHG, Child Abuse

Child Abuse Reporting: All school district personnel are required by law (A.R.S. § 13-3620) to report suspected child abuse. This applies to all employees and volunteers when acting in the scope of their employment with Mesa Public Schools. If abuse is suspected, notify your supervisor or administrator. Failure to report is a crime. Note: Reporting to your School Resource Officer (SRO) fulfills your mandated reporting requirements. 

How to Report Suspected Child Abuse: To report suspected abuse, call local law enforcement, the Department of Child Safety (DCS) or both, depending on the circumstances. CLICK HERE to find additional information phone numbers and guidance in determining who to call. If you're not sure the situation constitutes abuse, call MPS Security Director at 480- 472-1152 for direction.

Child abuse must be reported immediately. Immediately means without delay. This report must be followed by a written report which is found online in the OnBase reporting system. This written report does not replace your requirement to report to police or DCS.


Change of address

In late January the W-2's for tax year 2016 will be mailed to homes. Address changes must be submitted by Wednesday, January 11, 2017 in order to have the W-2 sent to the new address. To change your address with the district, log in to the employee web portal https://ivisions.mpsaz.org/ivisions/ and update your information in the profile section of  the self service tab.

Employees who are members of the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) should notify ASRS of the address change as well. ASRS address changes are submitted on the web. 


Renew certificates with ADE

To speed the certificate-renewal process, the Human Resources Department will verify your professional development hours in advance.

  • Verification of hours
    2-5 p.m. February 1, 2017, Administrative Services Center, Room 303, 63 E. Main St., Mesa.
  • Re-certification event with the Arizona Department of Education
    2-5 p.m. March 1, 2017, Curriculum Services Center, Board Room, 549 N. Stapley Drive, Mesa. Employees may submit their completed renewal applications with the appropriate fees (checks or money orders only) to ADE officials and receive their new teaching certificates immediately. Human Resources staff will also be on hand to verify professional development activities and answer your questions on this process.


Visit our new careers page

The HR careers page has been revamped. The updated page features a clean, simple view and is easy to navigate. You can now quickly find the job vacancies you are searching for.  This change coincides with the launch of our new application system Recruit and Hire. If you submitted an application prior to December 19, 2016, you will need to create a new account and application in Recruit and Hire.  We are confident you will find this new system is user friendly and we anticipate a smooth transition.


Talks on salaries, benefits begin

Governing Board and employee association representatives begin talks on Mesa Public Schools salaries and benefits in January.  All meetings are open to employees and the public. 

MEA Sessions: The first session begins January 23 at 4 p.m. in Board Room at the Curriculum Services Center, 549 N. Stapley Street, Mesa. Future sessions will be on Mondays through the month of May.

MESPA Sessions: The first session begins January 25  at 3:30 p.m. in Room 301 at the Administrative Services Center, 63 East Main Street, Mesa. Future MESPA sessions will be conducted on Wednesdays through the month of May.


Wellness News

Blood Drive: January 12 8am - noon at Admin Services Center

Did you know that every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood? Everyone who donates blood to the United Blood Services Jan.1 - 15, will receive a voucher to redeem online for a free General Admission ticket to the 2016 Waste Management Open. Click here for details. Contact Diane Brand at dbrand@mpsaz.org or call 308-7542 if you would like to register to donate.

It is time for the 2017 Lose and Win Challenge!

The annual weight loss challenge is back. Last year we had nearly 2,000 employees weigh in and 1,500 weigh out.  As a result of all of the hard work, Mesa Public Schools lost nearly 7,000 pounds! The program is designed to help you accomplish your new year's resolutions by taking steps to becoming a healthier you. visit http://www.mpsaz.org/wellness/loseandwin/ for more details.

For additional wellness events and program information visit http://www.mpsaz.org/wellness


HR Spotlight

Meet Christine Persinger and Patty Freedman, HR Assistants. Patty and Christine track and process job applications, manage job postings and are involved in other pre-employment operations. Both are available to help you with any of your Recruit and Hire questions. Patty and Christine are friendly, attentive and eager to assist you resolve any HR problem or question as efficiently as possible.  

HR spotlight photo

Christine Persinger Patty Freedman

Christine can be reached at cmpersinger@mpsaz.org or ext 20406. She can also help you with any questions regarding Certificated: 

  • Recruit and Hire assistance
  • Assistance with on-line employment applications
  • Certificated job postings
  • Student teachers and interns


Patty can be reached at pafreedman@mpsaz.org or ext 20423. She can also help you with any questions regarding Classified:

  • Clerical testing
  • ParaPro testing
  • Recruit and Hire assistance
  • Assistance with on-line employment applications
  • Classified job postings
  • Lateral transfers
  • New employee orientation

It is the mission of the Human Resources department to provide quality customer service in all personnel operations with integrity, responsiveness and sensitivity to our employees and diverse community.  Visit our who does what in HR page to determine who can best serve you.

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Human Resources Matters is published by the Human Resources Department of Mesa Public Schools, an equal opportunity organization. If an employee feels that he or she has been discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, handicap or disability, the employee should contact the district's compliance officer, Shaun Holmes, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at (480) 472-0412.




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