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Medical Leave Assistance Program

The Medical Leave Assistance program enables eligible employees to receive donations of sick leave from other employees so that income can be received during a period of absence due to prolonged illness or injury.

This program is available to employees:

  • who have depleted their accrued sick leave, personal leave, and vacation days (if earned) as a result of their own prolonged illness or injury: OR
  • who qualify for family medical leave due to a family member's prolonged illness or injury and who have depleted all accrued sick leave, personal leave, and vacation days (if earned) as a result.

For the purpose of this program, a "family member" is defined as in the Family Medical Leave Act as a spouse, child or parent.

Employees must complete a Medical Leave Assistance Program Request form, and have a physician complete a Verification of Prolonged Illness or Injury form (available in Human Resources). Both forms must be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. Requests for donations will be distributed by Human Resources and posted at each work site and on the Internet. 

Complete information regarding the program is contained in District Policy Regulation GBBD-R(2) which may be viewed in the Mesa Public Schools Policy Manual.

Postings and Donations of Leave

The employee(s) listed at the right will be absent from work for a minimum of four (4) weeks because of a prolonged personal illness or injury and do not have enough accrued leave to cover this time period. Employees wishing to make a donation must complete the Sick Leave Donation Form.  The form must be received in Human Resources during the period of the posting, and no later than 5 pm on the closing date for the posting.  Employees may donate up to five (5) days of sick leave in any contract year if they currently have thirty (30) or more days of sick leave available.

To make a donation, mail or fax the completed form directly to Human Resources.  Do not submit donations to your site secretary, as any delay may result in your donation being denied.  Fax donations for Certified staff to (480) 472-0422; fax donations for Classified staff to (480) 472-0432.

Donations must be made voluntarily and may only be directed to employees whose names are posted to receive donations. Donations cannot be solicited in any manner other than through the official posting.  Qualified donations may be held for approval, pending the final status of the leave of absence.  Please read the donation form for a complete list of donation requirements. 

Posting Closing Date:


Employees wishing to donate to the employee(s) above must complete the Sick Leave Donation Form.



This form must be received in Human Resources no later than 5:00 P.M. on the closing date of the posting as published.

NOTE: All information contained in this site is confidential and is made available only for the administration of the Medical Leave Assistance Program.


Certificated HR Technician
LeAnn - (480) 472-0402

Classified HR Technician
Sandra - (480) 472- 0427